Escape Velocity is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


This map contains blocked-off corners and grass covered by lakes and walls near the center. The center contains two L-shaped walls with another two left and right of it. 2 launch pads are located near these walls that launch Brawlers outside of the center protecting them through more walls for an easy escape.


  • If able to, destroy the L-shaped wall that is facing the enemy team at the center top of the map. This will obstruct the defense of the enemy team and provide more range for sharpshooters like Colt or Brock.
  • Use offensive Brawlers like Rosa or Shelly and jump on the launch pad closest to your team to attack from behind.
  • Try not to get stuck between the L-shaped walls as a gem carrier as they can easily leave you trapped.
  • If you're a wall breaker try to leave bushes for teammates that may need them for cover.
  • Once the countdown for your team starts, do not hide near the back. This can easily leave you trapped for an opposing team sharpshooter, or thrower to burst you down. Hide near the center bottom wall where you have more options for escape.
  • Sharpshooters should go center left to access the center top while shorter ranged Brawlers such as Nita should go in the center right as a gem carrier. Offensive Brawlers should only use the launch pads to attack the opposing team if the opposing team has low damage output otherwise they should stay put in the center.
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