Erratic Blocks is a community map for the Showdown event.


The map is rather confined but contains open areas in-between the closed ones. Wall clusters have small strips of bushes with the largest found in the center, near to other major clusters. Power Cube boxes are found near to each other with the most found in the center.


  • It is recommended to use heavyweights or counters because this map has many bushes and is rather enclosed. 
  • Throwers, might also be useful as there are many walls. Throwers have much control during the late game when everyone is close together, so the chance of hitting their shots increases greatly. However, be aware that most Brawlers bush-camp, so make sure to check each bush thoroughly.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers work well in both the open and closed areas, most long-ranged Brawlers aren't able to check the bushes efficiently.
  • Try to stay far away from the edges of the map as it contain the most bushes and the least Power Cubes.
  • The walls near the 2x2 lakes can be an obstacle late in the match. If Brawlers can't destroy these walls, pressure the enemy to switch places with them. If there is only one enemy left, use the other lake until the poison clouds close in.
  • Large bushes in the center make a good spot for heavyweight Brawlers to camp in.
  • Bo with his Circling Eagle Star Power makes him an excellent brawler. Reason being is, he is able to see anyone in the center or in any of the large bush areas.
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