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Erratic Blocks is a community map for the Showdown event.


The map is rather confined but contains open areas in-between the closed ones. Wall clusters have small strips of bushes with the largest found in the center, near to other major clusters. Power Cube boxes are found near to each other with the most found in the center. While the map itself is asymmetrical, some areas of the map are similar to each other, such as the center and the corners with the lakes.


  • Heavyweights Brawlers such as Rosa or Bull are very strong on this map because this map has many bushes and is rather enclosed, making it easier for close-ranged Brawlers to creep up on vulnerable enemies undetected. The large amounts of cover on this map make long-ranged Brawlers less viable and more vulnerable to hidden enemies because they are less likely to be able to defend themselves effectively.
  • Throwers such as Barley are also viable because of the large amount of cover on this map. Throwers become very strong towards the end of the match because remaining Brawlers are likely to be packed closely together in order to avoid the poisonous gas, meaning that it becomes easier to deal damage to multiple enemies, however, enemies may be hiding in bushes so it is essential to check all nearby bushes throughly.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers work well in both the open and closed areas, although, most long-ranged Brawlers aren't able to check the bushes efficiently.
  • The walls near the 2x2 lakes can be an obstacle late in the match. If Brawlers can't destroy these walls, or pressure the enemy to switch places with them. If there is only one enemy left, use the other lake until the poison clouds close in.
  • Large bushes in the center make a good spot for heavyweight Brawlers to camp in.
  • Bo is very strong on this map when he has his Circling Eagle Star Power equipped because he is able to use his extra vision to detect enemies hiding in bushes, giving him a crucial advantage over enemies seeking to ambush him.


  • On 27/02/19, Erratic Blocks was added to the game.
  • On 18/12/19, Erratic Blocks was removed from the game.
  • On 01/03/22, Erratic Blocks was added back to the game. The environment of Erratic Blocks was changed from the Storm Valley theme to the Mortuary theme.
  • On 31/08/22, Erratic Blocks was removed from the game.
  • On 30/01/23, Erratic Blocks was featured in the Solo Showdown Challenge as a Stage III map. Erratic Blocks was affected by the Graveyard Shift Modifier.