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Ends Meet is an official map for the Knockout event.


The map's center is defined with a long and narrow bush strip that is interrupted by some wall clusters. Further away from the center, there are a few smaller bush clusters flanked by more wall clusters and a couple of lakes. The spawns are met with another pair of long bush strips neighboring a teleporter, split by more walls. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Using the teleporters can be used to escape or to ambush enemy Brawlers. However, the enemy could also ambush you when you teleport since the teleporters are close to some bush clusters.
  • Sprout can be really good on this map because it can bounce shots on walls, and can hit enemies when they’re up close to you. Sprout's Photosynthesis Star Power paired with its Garden Mulcher Gadget offer good utility when defending.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers like Brock and Mr. P are good on this map to hit faraway targets. Mr. P's Handle with Care Star Power can increase his range and his poking abilities over the staggered arrangement of walls. Brock with his Rocket Fuel Gadget can take out obstacles that would otherwise hinder long-range allies and clumped-up enemies or to generally hit one.
  • Have one Brawler defend the teleporters in case enemies attempt a pincer movement.
  • Good teams on this map are Gene, Rico & Leon | Gene, Mr. P & Leon | Rosa, Tick & Surge. On this map it's really useful to have Brawlers to have control over the middle of the map. That's the reason that Rosa is really strong on this map. Use her second gadget (Unfriendly Bushes) to slow enemies down at the start of a match to gain mid control.


  • On 07/04/21, Ends Meet was added to the game.
  • On 25/08/21, the environment of Ends Meet had changed from the Actionshow theme to the Castle Courtyard theme.
  • On 01/03/22, Ends Meet was removed from the game.