"Emz attacks with blasts of hair spray that deal damage over time, and slows down opponents with her Super."
Emz Portrait

Emz is a Common Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 8000 Trophies. She has moderate health and low damage output, but has a very wide and long range. Her Super can slow down and damage enemies in a radius. Her Gadget, Friendzoner, pushes away all nearby enemies in a radius around herself. Her first Star Power, Bad Karma, increases her main attack damage by 20% per hit. Emz's second Star Power, Hype, heals 320 health per second whenever her Super damages an enemy for the duration of her Super.

Attack: Spray

"Emz gives you a blast of her hair spray! It's strong enough to melt your face."
Emz sprays her hairspray at multiple enemies at once, dealing moderate damage. Her hairspray lingers at the end of its range, damaging every half-second.

Super: Caustic Charisma

"Emz creates a cloud of toxicity around herself, slowing down the movement of enemies and damaging them."
Emz creates a circular cloud of toxicity around herself with a large radius, slowing down and dealing very low tick damage per second to enemies within the radius. Her Super cannot be interrupted by stuns or knock-backs. It is similar in mechanics to Spike's Super and is nearly the same radius as Sandy's Super, but the area of effect will move with Emz.

Gadget: Friendzoner

"Emz pushes back all enemies around her while also dealing 500 damage."
Emz creates a wave that pushes all enemies in a small radius of about 2 tiles away from her while also dealing 500 damage.

Star Powers

Bad Karma

"Enemies that stay within the cloud of Emz's toxic hair spray suffer increasing damage, 20% per hit."
Enemies that Emz hit take 20% more damage than the previous tick of damage before the attack disappears.


"Emz recovers 320 health per second for each enemy inside her Super's area of effect."
Enemies that her Super hit recovers Emz 320 health per second for each enemy damaged, which is up to a total of 1600 health over 5 seconds per brawler.


  • Emz can perform guerrilla tactics that consist of spraying hairspray and running for cover in quick succession because of their lingering main attack. However, unlike her Super, her main attacks do not go through walls and open space is required for these tactics to work.
  • When using her Super try to damage enemies behind walls so that you can damage them while them not being able to damage you.
  • If Emz is chasing you, don't run away from her. Instead, get close to her to kill her because the more time you stay in her gas, the more damage you'll suffer, if you are close to her you will take less damage. One good example is Mortis, if you know how to dash, you can easily approach Emz without taking too much damage and quickly take her down. Be warned that experienced players will save their Supers to counter this tactic, therefore more caution is needed.
  • Emz can deal better damage in mid-long range so don't approach brawlers to a short range where they would have an advantage over you. In Bibi's case, however, you can use her knockback against her, provided that you survived Bibi's knockback attack, you can use this as opportunity to spam your lingering spray, which will force Bibi to retreat.
  • When using Emz's Super, try to position so that the enemy is near the edge of your Super range. This way, when you attack, the enemy will be slowed and forced to suffer from all 3 ticks of your attack.
  • Emz is very effective at mid to long range. Try to keep the enemy you are attacking at about 2/3 of the attack range, this will cause the enemy to take up to 3 ticks of damage. However, if the enemy is in very close range to you, you will only be able to deal 1 tick of damage, and if the enemy is at the far range of your attack, it will only do two.
  • Emz is a great control brawler in Gem Grab and Brawl Ball due to her lingering attack. Use Emz to push your enemies to the opposing side while consistently collect gems in Gem Grab or keep enemies slowed down when they have the ball in Brawl Ball.
  • Emz can be useful when chasing down low-HP brawlers since her lingering attack can stack up to massive amounts of damage and her Super can slow down brawlers who are running away. This attribute is beneficial during desperate times in Bounty or Gem Grab.
  • Emz's main attack speed is fast enough for her to fire another hairspray cloud before her previous attack has fully dissipated. The damage from both attacks stack on top of each other, effectively doubling her damage per second.
  • The slow from Emz's Super provides a useful defense from close range brawlers, especially ones heavily reliant on movement abilities such as Mortis or Carl.
  • Perhaps the largest weakness Emz has is that she cannot deal sufficient damage if a Brawler is close to her. Her Gadget covers this weakness. If an enemy Brawler is in close range with you, you can use her Gadget to push them back.

Voice Lines

Start Of Battles When In The Lead Once Hurt Getting A Kill When Dying When Attacking When Using A Super
Emz start vo 01
"They say, 'she's too wrapped up in herself'. Ugh, hashtag haters."
Emz lead vo 02
"Look at me! Ugh, not from that angle!"
Emz hurt vo 01
"And I oop."
Emz kill vo 07
"Hashtag loser."
Emz die vo 02
"You're like totally not getting a friendship bracelet!"
Emz atk vo 01
"Try my new perfume!"
Emz ulti vo 01
Emz giggles
Emz start vo 02
"Hashtag I'm so gonna win everything."
Emz lead vo 03
"Hashtag winning!"
Emz hurt vo 02
Emz kill vo 03
"Hashtag, no filter!"
Emz die vo 03
"Are you serious!"
Emz atk vo 02
"Gotta get rid of that smell."
Emz ulti vo 02
Emz laughs
Emz start vo 03
"I'm so overpowered, upvote this."
Emz lead vo 04
"Time to update my blog."
Emz hurt vo 03
"Take a chill pill."
Emz kill vo 04
"You totally deserved that."
Emz die vo 04
"I won't like your next post!"
Emz atk vo 03
"Try some Zom-bie, by me!"
Emz start vo 04
"I'm only here for the trophies."
Emz hurt vo 04
"I, will destroy you!"
Emz kill vo 05
"Hashtag boring."
Emz atk vo 04
"I can finally breathe again!"
Emz start vo 05
"Ugh, did someone here unfollow me?"
Emz hurt vo 05
Emz moans
Emz kill vo 06
"Eat my scrunchie!"
Emz atk vo 05
"Time for a detox."
Emz hurt vo 06
"Hashtag stop the hate!"
Emz hurt vo 07
"I'm like feeling so attacked right now."


  • 23/10/19:
    • Emz was added to the game. Neutral Image
  • 6/11/19:
    • Emz's Star Power Hype was added. Neutral Image
  • 21/11/19:
    • A range indicator when using her Super was added. Neutral Image
  • 5/12/19:
    • Emz's Hype healing was increased to 300 (from 200) per enemy hit. Buff Image
  • 19/2/20:
    • Emz's health was increased to 3800 (from 3600). Buff Image
    • Her Hype healing was increased to 400 (from 300) per enemy hit. Buff Image
  • 17/3/20:
    • Emz's Gadget Friendzoner and the College Emz skin were added. Neutral Image
  • 7/4/20:
    • Emz's Friendzoner charges were decreased to 2 (from 3). Nerf Image
  • 13/5/20:
    • Emz's Hype healing was decreased to 320 (from 400) per enemy hit. Nerf Image
  • 2/7/20:
    • Emz's health was decreased to 3600 (from 3800). Nerf Image
    • Her Friendzoner push back radius and distance were decreased. Nerf Image
    • Her Friendzoner charges were increased to 3 (from 2). Buff Image
    • The True Silver and Gold Emz skins were added. Neutral Image


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