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Electric Zone is a community map for the Bounty event.


The map consists of many walls, along with different confined spaces. In the bottom-left and top-right corners, there are spring traps leading to an area close to the middle.. There are two strips of bushes running from the player spawn points to the middle of the map. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Tick can be very good in this map where he can defeat brawlers on the enemy side of the map while safely hiding behind a wall. He can exert good control an all three lanes.
  • Sprout is quite good on this map as any other thrower is. It can safely attack enemies from behind walls and create new walls as more cover to attack opponents.
  • Wall-breakers such as Brock or Colt can be very good on this map as they can counter throwers hiding behind walls. Once they break the walls, they can excel even more as long-ranged brawlers do best in open spaces.
  • In the beginning of the match, it is best to enter the bushes but not to rush the blue star. As a thrower, safely attack opponents going in for the blue star from behind a wall. As a wall-breaker, break the wall on your opponent's side to destroy cover for enemy throwers.


  • On 28/09/21, Electric Zone was added to the game.
  • On 07/10/21, Electric Zone was featured in the V8-Bit Challenge as a Stage II map.
  • On 16/12/21, the environment of Electric Zone was changed from the Retropolis theme to the Fighting Game theme.
  • On 01/03/22, Electric Zone was removed from the game.