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"Let's face it, this is an angry kid. He also loves parkour."
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Edgar is an Epic Brawler who could be unlocked for free as a Brawlidays 2020 gift from December 19th through January 7th or from Brawl Boxes. He has a great burst damage potential as well as a consistent damage output and great mobility with his Super and his very fast movement speed, but low health and a short attack range. His Trait makes his Super charge itself over time. His attacks throw two quick short-ranged scarf punches with an extremely fast cooldown and reload speed that also slightly heal him per punch when attacking an enemy Brawler. His Super is a quick jump over obstacles with a speed boost upon landing. His first Gadget, Let's Fly, drastically increases his Trait’s Super-charge for a period of time. His second Gadget, Hardcore, provides him a damage-protection shield in which the protection amount decays overtime. His first Star Power, Hard Landing, allows his Super to deal moderate damage to enemies in his Super's landing area of effect. His second Star Power, Fisticuffs, increases the amount he heals per punch.


"This Brawler charges Super over time."

Edgar's Super charges automatically over time. It takes 30 seconds to fully charge his Super without other Super-charging abilities.

Attack: Fight Club

"Hits enemies with quick punches from his scarf, healing himself for each landed punch."

Edgar throws out two short-ranged, piercing punches from his scarf, healing himself for 35% of the damage dealt per punch. The attack cooldown is extremely short, and the attack takes 0.35 seconds to complete. The amount healed scales with Power Cubes or other outside buffs such as Colonel Ruffs' or 8-BIT's Super.

Super: Vault

"Edgar jumps over any obstacle and gets a temporary speed boost. His Super will slowly charge over time."

Edgar jumps into the air and over obstacles briefly before landing onto the area where the Super was aimed, and when auto-aimed, he will jump to the nearest enemy. If there are lakes, his jump range is extended to the nearest ground. While in the air, Edgar is completely immune to all damage besides status effects and damage applied over time. On landing, he boosts his movement speed by 200 points for 2.5 seconds.


Let's Fly

"Edgar's Super charges faster, 525% for 4 seconds."

Edgar's Trait’s Super-charge speed is 525% faster for 4 seconds. This increases the auto-charge speed per second from 3.33% to 17.5%, or 70% of his Super over the Gadget's duration.


"Edgar gets a shield that protects him from the next 2000 damage. The shield gets weaker over time."

Edgar receives a shield that blocks the next 2000 damage dealt to him. The shield decays for 100 health every 0.5 seconds, so the damage it can block decreases over time. If an attack deals more damage than the shield can hold, the shield goes away and Edgar gets damaged by the remaining damage. Colette's attack and Super will deal damage based on Edgar's max health if this shield is active.

Star Powers

Hard Landing

"Edgar's Super will also deal 1000 damage to nearby enemies upon landing."

When landing from his Super, Edgar deals 1000 damage in a 3 tile radius around him. In addition, an altered landing indicator shows the area-of-effect.


"Edgar receives 25% more healing from the damage he deals."

Edgar receives 25% more healing per punch. This increases his healing rate per punch from his base 35% to 43.75%, and excluding outside buffs, increases it from 264 to 330 .


  • Although he’s able to counter high-health Brawlers with slow unload speeds such as Pam and Frank, Edgar doesn’t have the health to easily outmatch heavyweights. Because of that, it’s better to focus on weaker targets such as throwers and sharpshooters, or with low health and/or mediocre damage at close range.
    • His Fisticuffs Star Power greatly helps to take on heavyweights. Still, take caution when approaching them. Heavyweights can easily 2-shot or 3-shot Edgar's low health, so be sure to use cover, Power Cubes, or your Super to your advantage and attempt to dodge their attacks.
  • Edgar is an incredibly great ambusher and camper in offense-oriented modes like Showdown. Though he has low health, he heals each time he lands a successful punch, and coupled with the fact that his reload and unload speed is extremely fast, this makes him a menace. When playing Edgar, use him in maps with a plethora of walls such as Cavern Churn, in which these are what he dominates in. In Duo Showdown, just like other short-ranged Brawlers such as El Primo, he can be paired up with strong healers like Poco and Pam to increase the chances of victory.
  • Edgar is an outstanding choice in Brawl Ball/Volley Brawl/Basket Brawl/Trophy Thieves because of his fast movement speed and great mobility. He can kick the ball/trophy ahead of him and then use his Super to jump to and grab the respective item again (self-passing), similarly to El Primo and Stu. After self-passing, he can then quickly shoot the respective item in the designated area. Edgar is also aided by the speed boost that he gains after his Super. Keep in mind that Edgar has low health, so be careful while performing this.
  • His speed boost after his Super can also be utilized well in Gem Grab or Siege as he can jump onto the Gem mine or into the Bolt spawns, which then he can steal Gems or Bolts and quickly retreat. He can also use this to escape more effectively when he’s in danger.
    • However, his low health and lack of range diminish his viability in the above modes due to his inability to deal with long-ranged enemies with control abilities in which that ability is vital in the above modes.
  • With his Let's Fly Gadget, Edgar can quickly charge his Super to make a quick getaway or to ambush a low-health target. It can also be used to get a Super when Supers are most necessary such as at the beginning of a match.
  • Edgar is a niche asset in Heist due to his consistent damage output and great burst damage, allowing him to rapidly damage the safe with his punches along with his Hard Landing Star Power.
  • Edgar has the shortest attack range in the game, so you must maintain close range with your enemies. If you don’t have your Super, you can utilize cover to steadily advance to enemies. If you do have your Super charged up, use it to jump directly on (ambushing) an enemy. It’s also niche to bush-camp and wait for an enemy to walk near the bush, and then quickly get out of the bush and attack them.
  • If fighting against Frank, it is recommended to attack and use Edgar's speed to your advantage. Each time Frank attacks, there’s a delay, where Edgar can move behind Frank and deal damage while taking none, and healing if needed. You may also use your Super to jump over his devastating Super, therefore leaving it to waste. Attacking works better with his Fisticuffs Star Power because of the boosted healing.
  • Brawlers with slow attack unload speeds like Pam and 8-BIT can be defeated by Edgar at close-quarters combat despite their high health since Edgar can unload all his attacks much quicker than them, also healing himself in the process. Due to their slow unload and Edgar's speed after a Super, Edgar can strafe away from the majority of the fire. However, note that if Edgar incorrectly strafes, he might take the full damage of the attack which might defeat him. If you can, bush-camping is almost always a better option. Still, make sure to analyze all of your options and the enemy's before committing a jump on them.
  • In Boss Fight, Edgar can utilize his mechanics to provide nearly-unparalleled offense/defense. It is recommended for him to be the Power Cube carrier. With his Hard Landing Star Power, he can dish out 1000 additional damage to bot swarms; with Fisticuffs, he can dive into swarms of bots, and heal extremely effectively, but this is only effective when he has at least 20 or more Power Cubes (depending on the difficulty).
    • Additional buffs will also benefit Edgar; 8-BIT, Colonel Ruffs, Pam, and Max all make Edgar more menacing in Boss Fight.
  • Though he has low health and short range, Edgar is still decent in other Boss modes such as Big Game, Super City Rampage, and Takedown, and his viability is amplified with his Fisticuffs Star Power. He can stall the Bosses long enough while also dealing lots of damage. Still, take caution while using Edgar in Big Game as the Boss, make sure to use Edgar’s speed to your advantage to evade the Hunters’ shots, and even though this is less effective as a Boss, you can use your healing and his Fisticuffs Star Power to survive longer. In Takedown, try to ignore player conflict if possible and focus on collecting Power Cubes and attacking the Boss.
  • Edgar is not often recommended in Bounty since long-ranged Brawlers dominate the mode and his short range puts him at a disadvantage. If playing him in Bounty, focus on pressuring enemies in the back of the map, and do a hit-and-run attack using your Super. However, don’t play him in open maps like Purple Paradise as he’s more vulnerable to longer-ranged Brawlers.
  • Edgar vs. Edgar matchups are quite common in Showdown due to Edgar's viability in the game mode. Since Edgar can heal from punches and displace others with his Super, the outcome of an Edgar vs. Edgar fight is usually unpredictable. However, there are some tactics you can perform to typically guarantee yourself a victory (unless the opposing Edgar does the same or has an advantage that you don't).
    • The first tactic is to run away from the enemy while attacking to "extend" your attack's range. Due to Edgar's quick unload speed and reload speed, the enemy will be low on health, if not dead, before realizing their mistake. Conversely, when facing another Edgar performing this tactic, use your Super to jump ahead of the enemy (if the opposing Edgar doesn't have their Super) or retreat (allowing you to use the same strategy in case the enemy Edgar follows you).
    • The second tactic is to auto-aim your Super in the middle of the fight to avoid a few punches. In an Edgar vs Edgar matchup, every ammo counts and therefore avoiding a few punches gives you an advantage. If the Edgar uses this strategy against you, either use your Super to escape or perform the first tactic.
  • Edgar is vulnerable to high burst damage Brawlers like Surge or Brawlers with pushback, knockback, or moving abilities like Piper, Surge, or Stu because they can use those abilities to get out of Edgar’s range and easily defeat him. When facing these Brawlers, it’s best to use his Hardcore Gadget to reduce their damage once they use their ability on him so he can survive longer and won’t be easily defeated. Stu is still capable of countering Edgar, however, if Edgar manages to jump on Stu he will be helpless due to Edgar's healing ability.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"This is so lame."
"Don't look at me!"
"Leave me alone!"
"This is so unfair!"
Edgar screams
"Huh, can't believe I have to do this."
"CEO of Brawl Stars."
"Get away from me!"
"So awesome."
Edgar screams
"I low-key wanna win this game."
"Don't touch the scarf!"
"No way!"
Edgar screams
"Yolo! Wooh!"
"Great. Now everyone hates me."
"So much tryharding."
Edgar cries
"Uh, back on the grind."
"Don't be salty."
"Wow, hardcore."
"Wow, you are so awesome."
Edgar screams
"Pssh, I could do this if I wanted to!"
"Big yikes!"
"So lame."
"You can't make me!"
"I'm lagging!"
"I'm shook."


  • 19/12/20:
    • Edgar was added to the game. Neutral
  • 14/1/21:
    • Edgar's Let's Fly Gadget Super charge speed was decreased to 525% (from 700%). Nerf
    • His Let's Fly Super Gadget charge duration was increased to 4 seconds (from 3 seconds). Neutral
  • 18/1/21:
    • Edgar's Star Power Fisticuffs was added. Neutral
  • 8/2/21:
    • The number of hits necessary to charge his Super was increased to 12 (from 10). Nerf
  • 15/3/21:
    • Edgar's health was decreased to 2800 (from 3000). Nerf
  • 7/5/21:
    • The Quickdraw Edgar skin was added. Neutral
  • 8/7/21:
    • Edgar's Hardcore Gadget was added. Neutral
    • Fixed a bug that Edgar would remain in the battle after the round is over when using his Hardcore Gadget. Neutral
  • 25/8/21:
    • Edgar's main attack healing was increased to 35% (from 25%). Buff