"Let's face it, this is an angry kid. He also loves parkour."
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Edgar is an Epic Brawler who could be unlocked for free as a Brawlidays 2020 gift from December 19th until January 7th. He has moderate damage and health, and he attacks with two quick punches with his scarf, with an extremely fast cooldown and reload speed. He also slightly heals per punch if he hits an enemy Brawler. His Super is a jump that can go over walls and allows him to get closer to enemies or escape them. His Gadget, Let's Fly, increases his Super auto-charge dramatically for a few seconds. His first Star Power, Hard Landing, deals 1000 damage to enemies in his Super's landing area of effect. His second Star Power, Fisticuffs, increases the amount he heals per punch.

Attack: Fight Club

"Hits enemies with quick punches, healing himself for each landed punch."

Edgar throws out two piercing punches from his scarf at a very short range, healing himself for 25% of the damage dealt per hit against enemy Brawlers. The attack takes 0.35 seconds to complete, in part because of his extremely short cooldown. The amount healed does scale with Power Cubes.

Super: Vault

"Edgar jumps over any obstacle and gets a temporary speed boost. His Super will slowly charge over time."

Edgar jumps into the air briefly before landing onto the ground wherever the Super was aimed. On landing, he boosts his movement speed by 200 points for 2.5 seconds. Edgar's Super charges automatically over 30 seconds.

Gadget: Let's Fly

"Edgar's Super charges faster, 525% for 4 seconds."

Edgar's Super charge speed is 525% faster for 4 seconds. This increases the auto-charge speed per second from 3.3% to 17.5%, or 70% over the Gadget's duration, but does not affect the Super charge rate from his attack.

Star Powers

Hard Landing

"Edgar's Super will also deal 1000 damage to nearby enemies upon landing."

When landing from his Super, Edgar deals 1000 damage in a 3 tile radius around him. In addition, an altered landing indicator shows the area-of-effect.


"Edgar receives 25% more healing from damage he deal."

Edgar gets 25% more healing per punch. This increases his healing rate from his base 25% to 31.25%.


  • Edgar does not have the health to outmatch heavyweights or other high-health Brawlers. Focus on weaker targets such as throwers and sharpshooters. When using his Super, especially with Hard Landing, throwers and sharpshooters can be countered very effectively.
  • Edgar can dribble the ball in Brawl Ball since he can use his Super to jump to the ball and grab it, similar to El Primo and Darryl.
  • Since he has a speed boost after using his Super, it can be good to use for stealing gems in Gem Grab or bolts in Siege and quickly retreating.
  • With his Gadget, Edgar can quickly charge his Super to make a quick getaway or to ambush a low-health target.
  • Since Edgar has the shortest range in the game, it is important to utilize his auto-charging Super and cover to get close to enemies. If you walk directly at an enemy, you will most likely be outranged and defeated before you can deal any damage. You can avoid this by jumping directly on an enemy to lower the risk of dying.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"This is so lame."
"Don't, look at me!"
"Leave me alone!"
"This is so unfair!"
Edgar screams
"Huh, can't believe I have to do this."
"CEO of Brawl Stars."
"Get away from me!"
"So awesome."
Edgar screams
"I low-key wanna win this game."
"Don't touch the scarf!"
"No way!"
Edgar screams
"Yolo! Wooh!"
"Great. Now everyone hates me."
"So much tryharding."
Edgar cries
"Uh, back on the grind."
"Don't be salty."
"Wow, hardcore."
"Wow you're so awesome."
Edgar screams
"Pssh, I can do this if I wanted to!"
"Big yikes!"
"So lame."
"You can't make me!"
"I'm lagging!"
"I'm shook."


  • 19/12/20:
    • Edgar was added to the game. Neutral
  • 14/1/21:
    • Edgar's Let's Fly Super charge speed was decreased from 700% to 525%. Nerf
    • Edgar's Let's Fly Super charge duration was increased from 3 to 4 sec. Buff
  • 18/1/21:
    • Edgar's Fisticuffs Star Power was added. Neutral
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