Easy Money (previously known as Holiday Heist) is an official map for the Trophy Thieves event.


This map has an open top and bottom with large bush clusters in each corner. Two long curved walls barricade the center with smaller holes filled with bushes inside and boxes just outside. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • The middle section of the map is confined and closed, which is a great location for throwers. Brawlers heading into the enemy team's base to snatch a trophy should throw them to their thrower teammates.
  • Brawlers should use the leftmost point of the top wall cluster located on the left of the enemy team base while they grab a trophy. This wall is close enough to the base that assassins are great options as well.
  • The lack of open space lowers the viability of high spread Brawlers which would otherwise have to be aggressive or extremely passive to be viable.
  • Edgar and El Primo can make quick trophy grabs and toss it to their teammates on the opposite side of the barricade.
  • Brawlers should split into 3 lanes. The center lane Brawler should support and circulate trophies while the side Brawlers should aim on making plays for them.
  • Throwers can be good at defense by shooting attacks over walls


  • On 18/12/19, Holiday Heist was added to the game. Holiday Heist was affected by the Tilting Ship feature.
  • On 23/1/20, Holiday Heist was removed from the game.
  • On 15/12/20, Holiday Heist was added back to the game. Holiday Heist was tweaked severely. The environment of Holiday Heist had changed from Darryl's Ship theme to Snowtel theme. The Tilting Ship feature was also removed.
  • On 27/1/21, Holiday Heist was removed from the game.
  • On 16/6/21, Holiday Heist was added back to the game. Holiday Heist was renamed to Easy Money. The environment of Easy Money had changed from the Snowtel theme to the Arcade theme.
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