"Take down the other four teams. If you are defeated, you will respawn in a while if your teammate is still alive!"
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Duo Showdown is similar to Solo Showdown except that you have a teammate battling with you. When a Power Cube is gained, it is shared between the two of you, meaning that if you gain 1 Power Cube, your teammate gains 1 Power Cube as well. There are four other pairs of Brawlers. Your goal is to take them out and be the last team standing. If your teammate dies, they will have a 15 second timer until they respawn again. Fallen teammates do not carry the Power Cubes that they previously had before death, so all respawned teammates start at 0 Power Cubes. If both you and your teammate are defeated at any time before one of you can respawn, the game is over for you. There may also be a Modifier active which introduces an additional special condition to the matches.

Useful Brawlers

  • Bo: While Bo is not the most useful attacker, his Circling Eagle Star Power can be extremely advantageous to your teammate as his range of vision into bushes is much larger. Also, Bo's Super Totem Gadget can be used in case you and your teammates need a Super later in the match.
  • Poco and Pam: While Poco and Pam (at least at range) do not really do that much damage, they have high survivability since they have high health as well as their Supers, Gadgets, and Star Powers that can give extra survivability to their teammates.
  • Byron: Much like Poco and Pam, Byron can provide much more survivability to his teammates with his main attack and his Super. He will also provide survivability to himself with his Super and his Shot In The Arm Gadget. Additionally, Byron's range is very long, which allows him to safely pressure enemies and support his teammates effectively at a distance. Byron’s main attack also deals damage over time, which prevents enemies from healing. His Injection Star Power allows him to open multiple Power Cube boxes and use ammo more efficiently by healing and damaging enemies simultaneously, he can serve for both damage and support. He and 8-BIT have a devastating synergy as 8-BIT can damage enemies while Byron can heal 8-BIT and coupled with his Super and Injection Star Power, they can truly dominate.
  • Lou: Lou is solid in both Solo and Duo Showdown, as his main attack can stun foes, allowing Lou to kill them easily, or to save him and his ally, not to mention his Super, which makes enemies struggle escape or even move, allowing Lou and his teammate to incinerate them. He can also use his Ice Block Gadget to block projectiles when low on health.
  • Amber: Amber is an excellent cover destroyer. With her Super, she can check bushes and cover up areas and choke points such as places with lots of Power Cubes, and then igniting it, causing enemies to be vulnerable and take lots of damage, allowing her teammate or herself to kill the affected enemies. She can also use her Super as firewalls to protect herself or her teammate when in danger.
  • Crow: Crow can poison enemies and chip away their health, weakening them and putting passive pressure on the enemy team with his Super. His Slowing Toxin Gadget and Extra Toxic Star Power benefit both him and his teammates, strengthening their effectiveness. Crow can slow both enemies with slowing toxins in a fight and take them down easily with his teammate.
  • Stu: Stu only requires one hit to charge his Super, so he can continuously poke at enemies while dodging their fire, and for a quick kill to low-health targets, he can dash in and burst his attacks to finish the target off. If his ally is defeated or if Stu is low on health, he can quickly escape with his Super to find cover. Both Star Powers benefit him; Gaso-Heal allows him to heal continuously while poking the enemy and dodging their fire, and Zero Drag makes maneuvering and dodging enemy fire much easier due to the extended range.
  • Gale: Gale is solid in both Solo and Duo Showdown, as his Super can be used to push enemies away to save him and his teammate, push into the poison clouds, or push into other enemy teams, and enemies tend to group up in Duo Showdown, so he can hit multiple enemies with his snowballs. Additionally, he can use his Spring Ejector Gadget to make a quick getaway when in danger.
  • Jessie and Penny: Enemy teams usually stay together in this mode, so Jessie's and Penny's abilities to hit multiple targets can deal enormous amounts of damage to enemy Brawlers. Their turrets also provide area denial and force the enemy Brawler to move constantly.
  • Colt, Brock, Rico, Piper, and Bea: They all deal high damage and long range, making them effective at pressuring enemies at a safe distance. However, they are weak at close-quarters combat (with the possible exception of Brock), and are less useful on more closed maps such as Cavern Churn.
  • Tick: In a stark contrast to Solo Showdown, Tick fares much better as a teammate. He can lure or annoy the enemies by placing mines all around them, and then the other teammate (preferably someone with more health and/or damage) can finish that enemy off. He can also trap an enemy team in the gas by deploying mines at any exit points until they die to the gas. Tick has many useful team combinations that involve his teammate luring enemies into his mines or Super, dealing huge damage and defeating them.
  • Gene: Gene, when he has Magic Puffs, is especially useful because he can heal his teammate if the teammate has low health. But Gene has to be careful of brawlers that have pierce attacks or spread attacks because Gene has to be near his teammate. Gene is also useful when he has his Super. He can pull enemies close to him and have a high damage teammate like Shelly or Bull to finish them.
  • Max: As a teammate, her Super allows her and her teammate gain position. Max's extremely fast movement speed allows her to lure enemies or quickly support teammates in danger. Her Super can also be used to assassinate enemy Brawlers by running up and dodging the enemies shots with her fast movement speed from her Super. She can also be immune to shots for 1 second by using her Phase Shifter Gadget.
  • Nani: With extremely high burst damage and good range, Nani can quickly defeat an enemy in a team, leaving their teammate vulnerable to her or other teams. Once she gets her Super, Nani can use Peep to either target a team safely from an exceptionally long distance or use her Warp Blast Gadget to defeat an individual brawler quickly.
  • Edgar: With an incredibly quick reload speed, Edgar can dominate in maps with many corners and obstacles, as he can use his Super to get closer to enemies or distance himself from them. His Let's Fly Gadget can be used when he is in danger. Edgar also can attack multiple targets, making him insanely good when Brawlers are grouped up together. Edgar has low health so open maps are not the best when trying to play as Edgar. Maps like Cavern Churn are the main maps you want to play Edgar in.
  • Colonel Ruffs: His Super can provide a large boost to the stats of his teammate, and his Field Promotion Star Power can constantly increase his teammate's HP. These boosts are more effective in Duo Showdown than in 3v3 modes since players tend to not die as frequently, making his boosts last longer.
  • Belle: Belle can be used in same way as Jessie or Penny as enemies tend to clump up in Duo Showdown, but note that despite having fast reload speed she doesn't has quick burst damage against heavyweights or assassins due to her slow unload speed, though her Nest Egg Gadget can prevent enemies from trailing them.


  • Even though you can respawn in this game mode, remember to stick with your teammate. Don't abandon them and try to conquer opponents by yourself - one way or another, you're going to get outmatched pretty quickly. Splitting up could very likely get you both defeated.
  • Make sure to coordinate your Brawlers to get the best results. If you have a high damage dealer like Colt or Brock, try to balance up your team by choosing a tank Brawler with more health like Bull or a support like Poco and Pam (and maybe Gene with his Magic Puffs). If you have a high damage pool but also a low health pool, then you might find yourself getting easily taken out by more balanced teams.
  • A useful tactic is to lure an enemy with your teammate. The teammate must look and act weak and lure them. The other teammate will hide in a bush and must also be a close range brawler such as Shelly or Bull. After luring them in, the other teammate will finish them off. This strategy also works with Bo's mines.
  • Luring using the provided tools can be quite useful. Such as hiding near a powercube or purple energy drink. The opponent may be tempted to take it but instead, the player emerges out from hiding and takes the tools to their advantage and finish off the opponent.
  • Try and take the better ground and attempt to corner other teams. This will put pressure on the opposition who are either trapped between your team and another team, or by your team and the poison clouds. However, if there is another team in the play, the roles might switch and you might be cornered instead depending on your current health and your number of Power Cubes.
  • If your teammate is defeated, but you have a chance to collect a Power Cube, try to wait until your teammate respawns so that both of you will get the Power Cube unless there are immediate threats.


  • On 21/5/18, the Duo Showdown event was added to the game.
  • On 19/6/18, Duo Showdown is now always available separated from Showdown. Added "team showdown ended" message in game room chat after a match, and victories tracking to the player's profile.
  • On 7/12/18, adjusted respawn timer countdown to take into account the spawning delay.
  • On 29/1/19, the respawn time was increased by 2 seconds.
  • On 27/2/19, fixed a bug where you could not see teammate's respawn timer if your teammate died while your spawn animation was playing.
  • On 16/9/20, fixed missing edge of screen HUD indicator, and fixed "???" player name display issues.
  • On 17/9/20, fixed an issue which displayed incorrect name for the 10th bot while playing Duo Showdown in Friendly Game Rooms.
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