Dune Drift is a community map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Angry Robo modifier.


The map is a mostly open map, with some bushes and walls distributed across the barren land. It doesn't have a specific middle area, but provides some cover with a few bushes scattered around the map. It has some lakes around the edges. The Power Cube boxes aren't concentrated in certain areas unlike other maps.


  • This map favors long-ranged Brawlers due to its wide open areas and minimal cover and bushes. Throwers aren't recommended unless you're very experienced, and close-ranged Brawlers like Shelly and Bull, with the exception of Darryl (his Super can get him close up to squishy long-rangers). These Brawlers will likely get picked off as many other Brawlers will out-range them.
  • As the poison clouds close in, Piper may have trouble dealing a lot of damage with all the close contact, but she is still otherwise strong in this map.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers should head in the center of the map and open the Power Cube boxes found in trios. After getting at least 3 Power Cubes, they should head out to the sides.
  • The left portion of the map is confined and can easily leave Brawlers trapped. If you spawn near here, you might have to take the risk.
  • The center bush strait is thin and will reveal your location if you choose to move through it. Stay near the walls if you are planning an ambush.
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