Dry Season is an official map for the Bounty event.


The map has little to no cover at all with a few thin barriers present at the sides and back, along with some bushes near them. The center has the least cover, with only four tiles surrounding the star. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Since Dry Season is an extremely open map with very little cover, Brock, Piper, and other sharpshooters tend to thrive in this particular map, because they can attack enemy Brawlers at a distance, without large amounts of cover limiting their area of effect.
  • Destroying the enemies' walls and fencing will get rid of their cover, forcing aggressive enemies to stray near the border.
  • Some Brawlers like Pam and Bo can be used to counter other Brawlers, such as Brock and Piper, due to their moderate to high health and great damage output. Brawlers with attacks that spread can be used to damage enemies even as they dodge.
  • With good aim, Dynamike can defeat many enemies very quickly on this map with his Super. The two choke points at the ends of the red wall can also be blocked, dealing the full damage of two sticks. Use these choke points to your advantage as enemies might get very close together.
  • The map's outer edge features several obstacles that break the enemy's line of sight. It is recommended to use these to your advantage and ambush unsuspecting enemies, or take shelter as you heal up.
  • Brawlers such as Pam and 8-Bit can be extremely effective on this map. They can place their healing or damage boosting turret respectively in the center of the map, in order to improve positioning and control key choke points. This will force the enemy team to retreat and to play defensively, which will make them be at disadvantage.
  • Sandy is a good Brawler on this map because you can use his Super and ambush enemies hidden in bushes without risking defeat. You can also use this to hide in bushes unexpectedly and ambush enemies in a bush or to simply poke and charge your Super off them. His Super can also be used in combination with his Rude Sands Star Power.
  • Tick, being both long range and a thrower, can be used to pressure enemies while also outranging them. He can be used to attack over the enemies' main shelter and maintain a safe distance.
  • Similar to Shooting Star, using short ranged brawlers are not viable, as they can be picked easily. If playing a short range brawler, always try and push the enemies back.


  • On 29/1/19, Dry Season was added to the game.
  • On 21/5/19, the environment of Dry Season had changed from Old Town theme to Retropolis theme.
  • On 26/6/19, Dry Season was removed from the game.
  • On 10/9/20, Dry Season was added back to the game. The environment of Dry Season had changed from Retropolis Theme to Canyon theme.
  • On 7/4/21, Dry Season was featured in the Season 2 Power League as a Bounty map.
  • On 15/5/21, Dry Season was featured in the May Brawl Stars Championship Challenge as a Stage IV map.
  • On 16/6/21, Dry Season was once again featured in the Season 3 Power League as a Bounty map.
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