Dry Season is an official map for the Bounty event.


The map has little to no cover at all with a few thin barriers present at the sides and back of the map. The center has the least cover, with only four tiles worth of protection.


  • Since Dry Season is a very open map with little to no cover, Brock, Piper, and other sharpshooters are useful for this map variant.
  • Destroying the walls and fencing in front of the enemy side blows their cover, forcing aggressive enemies to lose their protection.
  • Some Brawlers like Pam and Bo have some use against other Brawlers like Brock and Piper due to their moderate to high health and great damage output. Brawlers with attacks that spread can be used to damage enemies even as they dodge.
  • With good aiming skills, Dynamike can defeat many enemies very quickly on this map with his Super. The two choke points at the ends of the red wall can also be blocked, dealing the full damage of two sticks. Use these choke points to your advantage as enemies might horde up and Brawlers with piercing attacks will work well.
  • The map's outer edge features several obstacles that break the enemy's line of sight. It is recommended to use these to your advantage and ambush unsuspecting enemies, or take shelter as you heal up.
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