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"Riding his inflatable dragon and setting off fireworks, Draco promises a show-stopping finale every night. With his electric guitar blaring and his flame-spewing ride rocking the crowd he turns the fantasy up to eleven!"
Draco Portrait

Draco is a Legendary Brawler who has a very high health and a variable damage output. His Trait allows Draco to charge his Super from enemies damaging him. His attack is a large beam of electricity that deals more damage at far range. For his Super, he hops onto his inflatable dragon, transforming into his alternate form. Draco's alternate form attacks by a continuous stream of fire in a cone that deals more damage up close. He also gains a shield and speed boost in this form. His first Gadget, Upper Cut, makes his next attack launch enemies in the air. His second Gadget, Last Stand, gives him a brief immunity shield at 1 health point when he would otherwise be defeated. His first Star Power, Expose, periodically makes his next attack mark an enemy that temporarily increases any damage dealt to that enemy. His second Star Power, Shredding, heals Draco when he uses his Super.


"This Brawler charges Super from damage received."

Whenever Draco takes damage from an enemy Brawler and the enemy Brawler's spawnables, he charges his Super. The Super charge rate depends on the damage the enemy deals. It takes 2.4x Draco's max health of damage to charge his Super completely, and all damage is calculated after shielding and other effects.

Attack: Lance Stab

"Draco thrusts his lance forward, piercing and damaging enemies in front of him, dealing more damage at max range."

Draco fires a piercing, large beam of electricity from his electric guitar that deals very low damage. However, at max range, he deals double the damage, and its radius size is doubled.

Super: Dragon Solo

"Draco mounts up on his fire breathing dragon, gaining increased movement speed and damage reduction."

Draco hops onto his inflatable dragon, regaining 50% of his ammo and transforming into his alternate form for 10 seconds. While in this form, Draco's movement speed is increased by 20%, he gains a shield that reduces all damage he takes by 15%, and his attack changes to a continuous, cone-shaped stream of fire that does not pierce targets and utilizes a large ammo bar, similar to Amber. Targets closer to Draco take the most damage, and targets near Draco's maximum range take significantly less damage. If the player taps on the attack joystick, Draco only shoots one ammo, and if the player aims the attack joystick, Draco continuously shoots flames in the direction aimed. Draco stops attacking when the player lets go of the joystick or his ammo bar is depleted. His ammo drains when he attacks and he automatically reloads the bar when not attacking. Each flame is shot at 0.22 seconds, and if the attack isn't stopped, the attack takes 8.8 seconds to complete. Using Draco's Super when he is already in his alternate form will reset the duration of it back to 10 seconds.


Upper Cut

"The next Lance Stab also throws enemies in the air for a short time."

Activating this Gadget allows Draco's next attack to knock enemies into the air for 1 second. While in the air, the enemies can't move or use their attack, Super, Gadget, or Hypercharge, but will be completely immune to all damage besides status effects and damage applied over time. A Gadget symbol will glow above Draco's head signaling this Gadget's activation, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown begins after the attack is used. Draco cannot use this Gadget while he is in his alternate form.

Last Stand

"Draco can not fall under one health for 2 seconds."

Draco activates a shield for 2 seconds that causes him to take regular damage but prevents him from falling under 1 health. If he is affected by any status effects or damage applied over time, he will immediately be eliminated once the shield wears off.

Star Powers


"Every 5 seconds, the next Lance Stab exposes enemies on hit. Exposed enemies take 35% increased damage for 5 seconds."

Draco gains a bar that takes 5 seconds to charge up, and when fully charged, his next attack will mark enemies, making the damage the enemy thereafter takes increased by 35% from any source, similar to Belle's Super, for 5 seconds.


"Dragon Solo now also heals for 2750 when activated."

When Draco uses his Super, he recovers 2750 health, excluding any healing buffs or debuffs.


Game Modes and Maps

Recommended Build

  • Because Draco's Uppercut Gadget has such a short knockback range, it can actually pose as a disadvantage for you and your teammates because enemies cannot be hit midair. Instead, Draco should use this Gadget as a way of escaping if he is in danger.
  • Draco's Last Stand should be activated when Draco is still at medium health, therefore he can rush in, activate the Gadget, and wreak havoc on the enemy team. Unfortunately, he will probably end up being quickly defeated once the Gadget duration ends. He can also activate this Gadget and act as a meat shield for his allies to take control of key points on the map.
  • Because his Expose Star Power lasts for five seconds and takes five seconds to recharge, he can consistently apply 35% extra damage to the same enemy without it ever wearing off until the enemy or Draco is defeated.
  • Draco's Shredding Star Power will still give him the healing even if he activates his Super while his Super is already active. This can give Draco an overall larger amount of tanking.


  • Because of Draco's unique attack mechanic, it's recommended to use him to check for enemies in bushes first, dealing high damage at his range's apex before slowly hounding them down and charging up his Super.


Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"My dragon brings all the flames to the fight, and, dang right, they'll burn you up!"
"My dragon brings all the flames to the fight!"
"Huh, formidable foe, I'll best you for sure!"
"A formidable foe. Well, I'll best you for sure!"
"You better be nice, or I'll get my dice!"
"Oh, you better be nice, or I'll get my dice!"
"You better be nice, or I'll get my dice!"


  • 30/05/24:
    • Neutral Draco could be unlocked early as a bundle for $19.99.
    • Neutral Draco became available to play in the Training Cave.
  • 05/06/24:
    • Neutral The Dark Knight Draco skin was added.
  • 06/06/24:
    • Neutral Draco became available in the Starr Road.
  • 25/06/24:
    • Nerf Draco's damage reduction was decreased to 15% (from 25%) while in his alternate form.
    • Neutral Draco's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.


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