Double Swoosh is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The map contains a reasonable amount of bushes that spiral from the center. The center bottom and top both have entrances to each spirals' bushes. Near the openings are bushes with walls covering them from direct attacks from the openings.


  • Due to this map's large amount of bushes, tankier brawlers with high DPS are extremely useful.
  • Throwers can get pressured easily, but its high-risk high-reward as using Barley or Tick can amount in massive area damage.
  • Enemies can make use of the bushes on your side as well, so brawlers who can destroy terrain can make it harder for enemy brawlers to flank.
  • Destroying terrain on this map also makes it harder to use El Primo or Bull.
  • Use the bushes to your best advantage and pressure enemies through flanking from more than one side.
    • Brawlers that can flank quite well include Rosa and Bibi. Brawlers that flank in the center top of this map should have medium to long range.
  • The center of this should be used by high spread Brawlers such as Poco or Emz which can slow down enemies from collecting gems while your teammates pressure them on both sides.
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