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Double Bluff is an official map for the Knockout event.


The center is filled with various types of cover, including a large bush patch close to each teams' spawn. There is a teleporter in every corner, with one that is covered with rope fences and one that is in a patch of grass with some cacti. The left and right sides of the map are mostly bare other than a bit of grass next to some cacti. The center top and bottom have a lake surrounded by some bush. This map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Piper can be useful because she can charge her Super and destroy enemy cover, helping her snipe out enemies easily. She can use her Ambush Star Power to deal massive damage.
  • It is almost never a good idea to use the teleporter with bushes next to it to get to the other one with rope fence since it is very easy for the enemy to trap you due to the only opening you can go through being very small. However, using the teleporter next to the rope fence to get to the other one can be beneficial because there are more ways to escape in addition to bushes to hide in. However, do note that there may sometimes be enemy Brawlers waiting there to ambush you.
  • Brock can be a very good choice on this map. He has good burst potential with even better range. He can also break the walls and the enemies' cover with his Super and/or Rocket Fuel gadget.
  • Brawlers with spread attacks can make use of the wide bush strips in the center. Crow can use this to poke enemy Brawlers for the damage tiebreaker.
  • Sprout is a solid choice too. The narrow paths on the right of rivers favor it and it can continue to bounce its shots there to deal enormous pressure down the lanes. It can even use its super to completely shut down lanes, while both of its gadgets, if paired up with Photosynthesis, makes it have an even higher survivability rate.
  • Penny can be good choice since most enemies hide in the middle bush especially brawlers like Bull and Daryl who will be waiting for enemies to use the jump pad and land on the bush .So Penny can check the bush for enemies and can deal double damage with enemies


  • On 07/04/21, Double Bluff was added to the game.
  • On 25/08/21, the environment of Double Bluff was changed from the Actionshow theme to the Castle Courtyard theme.
  • On 28/09/21, Double Bluff was removed from the game.