Diamond Dust is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The map is split into two sections one of which has bushes pointing towards the middle lane. Each side lane is split further by smaller wall segments.


  • While Brawlers like Shelly or El Primo do gain an advantage in bushes, they can be countered by long-ranged Brawlers such as Rico or Brock on this map.
  • Staying in the bushes passively pressures enemies. When using a heavyweight always edge towards the enemy team's bushes.
  • Pam is a useful Brawler due to her high spread attack and healing capabilities. In close-ranged combat she can also handle herself well but struggles against two or more Brawlers.
  • Bo is extremely useful in this map since they can see further in the bushes using their Circling Eagle Star Power. Tara's Psychic Enhancer Gadget can work too.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers will have an easier time in the right lane. Rico in particular can pressure enemies at all times using their bounce attacks.
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