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Diagonal Alley is a community map for the Heist event.


This map is cut into diagonal paths/alleys(hence the name) by diagonally lined Retropolis blocks. Some of those blocks are grouped together against the side of the map. A jump pad is located at the bottom-left and top-right corners of the map while road cones are dotted in crevices made by the Retropolis blocks. Bushes and evenly spaced out across the map. The map itself is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Throwers are effective in this map as they can hide behind walls and attack the safe while protecting themselves from damage.
  • The Jump Pads are sometimes ignored. Use the Jump Pads to your advantage.
  • Sharpshooters are sometimes viable because of how there are narrow paths.
  • Wall Breakers can be useful as they can counter throwers. They can break walls to destroy cover for throwers and create more space for themselves to attack.


  • On 28/9/21, Diagonal Alley was added to the game.