Deeper Danger is a community map for the Bounty event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update.


The map contains bush pathways in the center as well as alcoves in the sides of the map. Each corner has arrow-like bushes. Near each team are three barriers with bushes growing towards the team's spawn points.


  • Throwers work exceptionally well on this map because of the confined bush pathways. Tick can reach enemies further away than Barley and Dynamike, but all three are great options.
    • Sprout has thrower characteristics, but has a lower damage output than the other throwers. They're still a great option with proper teammates.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers that can run away are great for camping in the center of the map. Mr. P, Carl, and Sandy can still be ambushed, but their attacks help bush-check each pathway.
  • The map contains a reasonable amount of bushes, but the layout of the bushes punishes heavyweights and heavyweight counters.
  • If one wishes to use a heavyweight on this map they should use Jacky. Jacky is capable of bursting down Brawlers and maintaining choke points with use of their Super.
  • Brock is a great option for this map. Unlike other sharpshooters, Brock can handle short-ranged combat and can escape with use of his Gadget Rocket Laces.
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