Deep Hollows

Deep Hollows is a map for the Gem Grab Event.


Deep Hollows is an open map with a gem mine in the center. At the spawn area, there is a column of walls that is on top of the small patch of bushes where brawlers usually hide during the countdown. There is also a patch of a bush that is next to the square walls with two bones below it. The next one is similar but it is attached to the edge and has some bones near the edges of the walls which limits the brawlers' movement if it is not destroyed. The center rectangular patch of bush has a short column of walls and a short row of walls beside the rectangle patch of bushes which is used to take covers from attacks. At near the mine, there are two short columns of walls surrounding it.


  • Pam is a great brawler to use on this map because this is a wide open map and her attacks can easily hits opponents. Her healing station can be placed behind the walls of the rectangular bush patch, making it hard to be destroyed.
  • As a short ranged brawler, the walls are crucial for taking cover from attacks.
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