Deep Diner (originally called Deep Siege) is an official map for the Gem Grab event. The map has a Brawlidays version named Snowy Siege.


The map includes a variety of wall sizes where thinner walls are closer to the center. Inside these walls are bushes in similar shape to the ones covering them. Near the edges are bush clumps which do not have walls covering them unlike the bushes in the center of this map. The map acts as a hybrid between an open and closed map where teams can either hide behind the 4x1 walls or attack from the center.


  • It is crucial to destroy walls in this map as otherwise Brawlers can camp behind them and grab gems. You will likely have to destroy your own walls as well. If your team cannot destroy walls try finding ways to punish Brawlers camping behind them.
  • Mr. P works well on this map even if the walls are not destroyed because of his mechanics. If short-ranged Brawlers such as Darryl are camping behind the walls try throwing suitcases over them to scare them away.
  • A very similar situation can occur with Jacky where enemies choose not to stay near walls in fear of being grabbed and bursted down by her.
  • Brawlers that stay in the center bushes should have high health and spread such as Poco or Pam. Enough spread to cover the opponent's center bush with a single attack.
  • Control Brawlers should play in the right lane charging their Super and using them when they can completely control it. Sandy and Jessie are both great Brawlers for this map that can work with the map in any circumstance.
  • Other notable control Brawlers include Penny and Barley although once walls are destroyed they are less useful as the other two.
  • Gale's Super is useful in pushing enemies away and grabbing gems. His Gadget Spring Ejector is useful in traveling to the center, although it should only be used by one Brawler at a time because of the map's layout punishing Brawlers that clump up.
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