Deathcap Trap (originally called Deathcap Cave) is an official map for the Gem Grab event. It was originally released as one of the Bounty maps. The map has a Brawlidays version named Spruce Up.


The map has an open center with small bush patches in the center bottom and top of the map. The right and left side of the center bottom and top contain a Z-like bush that has access to the center. Each corner has another patch where Brawlers can trap themselves in if they would like to remain hidden from view.


  • Mr. P, Penny, and other similar Brawlers can place their Super in the Z-like bush on their side behind a horizontal wall for maximum efficiency.
  • Heavyweights should aim to go to the left lane and enter the enemy's Z-like bush for protection.
    • Examples of useful heavyweights include Jacky and Rosa. Bull, Darryl, and other heavyweights lack the utility that these Brawlers have that make them shine.
  • Preferably, Brawlers that are aiming to hold the center should have medium to long range. Pam and 8-Bit can place their Super in the horizontal wall inside the Z-like bush to have access to it on both lanes.
  • Brawlers that have medium-ranged attacks should be more aggressive and enter the right lane. The enemy's right lane is more open, however it has a wall clusters where Brawlers can hide in.
    • Medium-ranged Brawlers that can take a more aggressive role include Carl and Tara.
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