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"Darryl has a powerful double-shotgun attack. His Super move is a reckless roll inside his bouncy barrel!"
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Darryl is a Super Rare Brawler who has high health and a high but inconsistent damage output. His Trait helps his Super charge automatically over time. He attacks by shooting shotgun shells that deal very high damage at close-range. His Super allows him to roll a short distance, damaging enemies, bouncing off of walls, and gaining a significant damage-reduction shield while rolling. His first Gadget, Recoiling Rotator, allows Darryl to spin around and shoot a barrage of pellets around him that slightly charge his Super. His second Gadget, Tar Barrel, emits tar around him that slows enemies. His first Star Power, Steel Hoops, grants him a small shield for a couple of seconds after his Super finishes rolling. His second Star Power, Rolling Reload, momentarily doubles his reload speed after using his Super.


"This Brawler charges Super over time."

Darryl's Super will charge itself over time similarly to Edgar. It takes 30 seconds to fully charge his Super without other Super-charging abilities.

Attack: Double Deuce

"Darryl's double barrel shotguns fire two staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage."

Darryl fires 10 shells in 2 waves from his shotguns that deal medium-high damage. This attack deals more damage at close range because more shells can hit the enemy, dealing the highest consistent damage out of all Brawlers at point-blank range. This attack takes 0.8 seconds to complete.

Super: Barrel Roll

"Darryl rolls forward inside his barrel, knocking back enemies, reducing incoming damage and bouncing off walls. His Super recharges over time!"

Darryl rapidly rolls a short distance, bouncing off walls and gaining a 50% damage reduction shield, but unlike Rico's attack and Super, the distance isn't increased after bouncing off a wall. He can roll over water but not through rope fences or other obstacles. Enemies hit by a rolling Darryl get knocked back and take minor damage. Darryl can pierce through multiple enemies in one roll and can damage the same enemy multiple times by bouncing off walls.


Recoiling Rotator

"Darryl spins around and sprays a barrage of shots in all directions. Each shot deals 400 damage and recharges his Super by 25% if it hits enemies!"

Darryl spins in a circle, quickly unloading 15 single shells around himself. Each shell deals 400 damage, has a range of 9 tiles, and charges 25% of his Super if it hits an enemy.

Tar Barrel

"Darryl creates a slowing area around himself for 5.0 seconds."

Darryl emits a 2.67-tile radius of slowing tar all around him for 5 seconds that moves with him. Tar Barrel cannot be used while Darryl is rolling, but his Super does not cancel Tar Barrel.

Star Powers

Steel Hoops

"After Barrel Roll all damage Darryl takes is reduced by 25% for 2 seconds."

After Darryl uses his Super, he gains a 25% damage reduction shield for 2 seconds.

Rolling Reload

"When Darryl uses his Super, he doubles his reload speed for 5.0 seconds."

After Darryl uses his Super, he doubles his reload speed for 5 seconds, along with a slightly larger and reddened appearance.


  • Darryl moves slightly faster than most other Brawlers since he is a tank. Due to this, retreating/approaching is easier and often safer.
  • His Super is great for quickly escaping enemies/dangerous situations or getting closer to enemies along with the fact that Darryl rolls extremely quickly and is shielded while rolling. It’s also worth noting that you can increase the range of his roll if you happen to roll over water. This is vital when escaping enemies, as the water could help in getting away from tough situations (in maps like Acid Lakes or Canal Grande, etc.).
  • In Brawl Ball, he can be quite useful by kicking the ball forward and using his Super to roll into and retrieve the Ball. You can use it for retrieving the Ball from the center after either team scores, though it will put him in the middle of the fight and likely results in him being defeated. You can also use his Super on an enemy who’s carrying the Ball, which knocks it from their possession and knocks them back. This can be used to defend the goal by delaying an enemy who’s about to score.
  • If timed properly while rolling onto an opponent, Darryl's Super can cancel an enemy’s Super due to the knockback, like how Frank's Super can be cancelled with Shelly's Super. This becomes useful when attacking other Brawlers with Darryl who have their Supers ready (like Frank).
  • Darryl's Super can hit multiple times when fighting in confined areas (which is optimal for Darryl as a tank). Aim his Super to bounce off walls and rack up damage on your enemies.
  • Using his Super, Darryl can deal significant damage to the IKE turret in Siege by rolling in and shooting at it, taking minimal damage because of the shield he gets from rolling. However, he shouldn't do this in situations where his teammates don't have sufficient control of the Bolt-spawning areas and should instead support his teammates in racking up Bolts.
  • When confronting enemies at point-blank range, be mindful of your positioning and don't go through them as the second shot of Darryl's attack can completely miss.
  • At close range, Darryl has the highest-damaging attack out of any Brawler in the game, dealing 3600 damage for the shots combined (1800 damage per wave) at max level. While Darryl shouldn't rely on this unless bush-camping or using his Super to get close to enemies, it allows him to handle other close-ranged Brawlers such as El Primo fairly well.
  • Darryl's main attack deals a lot of damage but not consistently. When targeting someone with his Super, make sure he actually rolls into them and hits them. If he’s too close, he might roll over them. If he’s too far, he can hit them but won’t be within bursting range. Tar Barrel's slowing effect allows him to catch up to enemies in case his Super misses by a few tiles.
  • In maps with a lot of bushes, use Darryl’s Recoiling Rotator Gadget to scout out the area. You can find enemies easier that way. The Gadget is also very useful for attacking the enemy safe in Heist. Position yourself right in the center of the safe and activate the Gadget as quickly as possible, rolling clockwise a little to ensure that as many shells as possible hits.
  • Darryl's Rolling Reload Star Power allows him to ambush and defeat tanks more easily with his Super, because it can drastically increase his damage output. He can also use this to roll onto the enemy safe in Heist and deal extreme amounts of damage. Rolling Reload is also handy if you can't directly hit a Brawler with your Super, allowing you to potentially chip them down from further away with your increased reload speed. It also helps when you desperately need to roll onto someone but have no ammo left.
  • Darryl's Steel Hoops Star Power can act as a secondary shield in numerous situations. He can use it to roll onto enemies normally so he's shielded while attacking them after rolling or use it in Siege to stay alive longer while attacking the IKE in Siege.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super


  • 07/12/17:
    • Darryl was added to the game. Neutral
  • 18/12/17:
    • Darryl's health was increased to 4600 (from 4400). Buff
    • His main attack shots are fired a bit closer together. Neutral
    • His Steel Hoops Star Power damage reduction was increased to 80% (from 70%). Buff
    • His Super roll speed decreased slightly to 2400 (from 2800). Nerf
  • 22/12/17:
    • Darryl's movement speed was increased to 700 (from 650). Buff
  • 16/01/18:
    • Darryl's health was increased to 5000 (from 4600). Buff
    • Darryl's main attack damage was increased to 360 (from 320) per shell. Buff
  • 27/01/18:
    • The number of hits necessary to charge Darryl's Super was increased to 13 (from 10). Nerf
  • 21/03/18:
    • Every Brawler's movement speed was increased by 70 points, increasing Darryl's base movement speed to 770 (from 700). Neutral
    • All Brawlers' projectile speeds are increased by 9%. Neutral
  • 21/05/18:
    • Darryl's reload time was decreased to 1.8 seconds (from 2 seconds). Buff
  • 05/12/18:
    • Darryl's Super range was decreased to 7 tiles (from 23.3 tiles). Nerf
    • The number of hits necessary to charge his Super was decreased to 11 (from 13). Buff
    • Darryl's main attack damage was decreased to 260 (from 360) per shell. Nerf
    • His Super damage was decreased to 400 (from 640) per hit. Nerf
    • His health was decreased to 4000 (from 5000). Nerf
    • Darryl's Super now charges automatically over 20 seconds. Buff
  • 29/01/19:
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops damage reduction was increased to 40% (from 30%). Buff
    • His main attack damage was increased to 280 (from 260) per shell. Buff
    • Darryl was slightly remodeled. Neutral
  • 31/01/19:
    • The Dumpling Darryl skin was added. It was featured as a Lunar New Year 2019 skin. Neutral
  • 27/02/19:
    • Darryl's Super auto-charging time was increased to 30 seconds (from 20 seconds). Nerf
  • 15/04/19:
    • Darryl's health was increased to 4200 (from 4000). Buff
  • 11/06/19:
    • Darryl's health was increased to 4600 (from 4200). Buff
    • His Steel Hoops damage reduction was decreased to 30% (from 40%). Nerf
  • 31/07/19:
    • Darryl's Rolling Reload Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 29/08/19:
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops Star Power damage reduction was decreased to 25% (from 30%). Nerf
    • Darryl now fires from the center of his hitbox. Neutral
  • 23/10/19:
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops Star Power damage reduction was increased to 30% (from 25%). Buff
    • His Rolling Reload Star Power was reworked from granting him 3 ammo after each Super to doubling Darryl's reload speed for 5 seconds. Neutral
  • 07/11/19:
    • Darryl's health was increased to 4800 (from 4600). Buff
    • His main attack damage was increased to 300 (from 280) per shell. Buff
  • 05/12/19:
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops Star Power shield duration was decreased to 3 seconds (from 3.5 seconds). Nerf
  • 18/12/19:
    • Darryl now fires 5 shells instead of 4 but the damage has been reduced from 300 to 240 per shell. Total damage remains unchanged. Neutral
  • 23/01/20:
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops Star Power shield duration was decreased to 2.5 seconds (from 3 seconds). Nerf
  • 19/02/20:
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops Star Power shield duration was decreased to 0.9 seconds (from 2.5 seconds). Nerf
  • 25/02/20:
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops Star Power damage reduction was increased to 90% (from 30%). Buff
  • 17/03/20:
    • Darryl and his Dumpling skin were remodeled, and his Recoiling Rotator Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 18/03/20:
    • The Mascot Darryl skin was added. Neutral
  • 07/04/20:
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Darryl from destroying decorations with his Super. Neutral
  • 13/05/20:
    • Darryl was given voice lines, and the Dumpling Darryl skin was remodeled. Neutral
    • His Recoiling Rotator Gadget no longer stops Darryl from moving and now charges 25% of his Super per enemy hit. Buff
    • His Recoiling Rotator Gadget damage was decreased to 400 (from 700) per pellet. Nerf
  • 08/07/20:
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Darryl from rolling over water with his Super. Neutral
  • 10/09/20:
    • Darryl's health was increased to 5000 (from 4800). Buff
  • 30/10/20:
    • Darryl's Tar Barrel Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 15/12/20:
    • Darryl's True Silver and True Gold skins were added. Neutral
    • Darryl's Tar Barrel Gadget duration was increased to 5 seconds (from 4 seconds). Buff
  • 01/02/21:
    • The D4R-RY1 skin was added. It was featured as a Brawl Pass Season 5 exclusive skin. Neutral
  • 07/04/21:
    • Darryl and his skins received facial animations. Neutral
  • 17/06/21:
    • The Mega Box Darryl skin became available to every user until 01/07/21. It was featured to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the launch of Brawl Stars in China. Neutral
  • 25/08/21:
    • Darryl's health was increased to 5300 (from 5000). Buff
  • 27/10/21:
    • Darryl's class was changed to Hybrid (from Heavyweight). Neutral
  • 16/12/21:
    • Darryl's Super now grants him a 90% damage-reduction shield while rolling. Buff
    • Darryl's Steel Hoops was reworked from granting Darryl a 90% damage-reduction shield while using his Super to granting him a 25% damage-reduction shield for 2 seconds after using his Super. Neutral
  • 01/03/22:
    • Darryl's rolling shield protection was decreased to 50% (from 90%) damage-reduction. Nerf
  • 02/05/22:
    • The Crash Test Darryl skin was added. It was featured as a Power League exclusive skin for the Brawl Pass Season 12. Neutral