Danger Zone is an official map for the Boss Fight event.


The map has several lakes that come in a variety of sizes. In the bottom and top portion of this map the lakes are fenced in while in the top left and bottom right of this map there is little or no lakes at all. Instead, there are cacti spread out which unlike the lakes will do little in slowing down the boss.


  • Darryl usefulness comes from the lakes that they can roll using their Super when at low health.
  • Just like Darryl, if El Primo is the only one alive and is in danger, he has the ability to jump across the water to give himself an expanded jump range. While in the air, El Primo can dodge boss rockets and lasers. His Super is also useful in stunning the boss or their minions. His Gadget Suplex Supplement allows him to fling the boss instead. El Fuego his first Star Power is more damage oriented while his second Star Power Meteor Rush is useful in running away from the boss.
  • The boss can't destroy the scarce amount of walls at the easier levels of Boss Fight, so take advantage of the walls to dodge the boss's bullet pattern preferably the ones near the 3x3 lakes.
  • Bull can use the lakes to extend his Super range, although Bull should focus on gathering Power Cubes, charging their Super, and doing damage in the lower boss stages. A skilled Bull should use their Berserker Star Power, however Tough Guy is more helpful in the long run in protecting Bull from lasers.
  • The cacti patches will most likely leave you trapped. Try baiting the boss into the center of the map if they stray too far from it.
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