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Cuckoo Coup is a community map for the Takedown event.


The map has box and L-like walls with bushes edging in-between. The abundant Power Cubes are distributed evenly across the map. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Short-ranged Brawlers will find more cover in the center bushes although the edge clusters are larger in size.
  • Ideally, sharpshooters should bait the boss to the lakes to lower the chances of being ambushed by short-ranged Brawlers and inhibited by obstacles. Brawlers like Colt once they bait the boss can do a ton of damage
  • Pam's high spread, great damage-dealing consistency, and healing Super allows her to control the center while she attempts to take the Boss down.
  • Brawlers should collect at least one Power Cube before confronting the Boss along their destination.
  • Darryl can use a quick combination of their Super and Star Powers to do massive damage when Brawlers bait the Boss to the lakes.
  • Both of Rosa's Star Powers can justify her powerfulness in this map. With Plant Life, Rosa's continuous healing from the high amounts of bushes can make her a consistent damage dealer, but with Thorny Gloves, she can be more aggressive and deal even more damage from her Super.


  • On 23/10/19, Cuckoo Coup was added to the game. Cuckoo Coup was affected by the Chain Lightning Modifier.
  • On 23/01/20, Cuckoo Coup was removed from the game.