Crossroads is a community map for the Heist event. It was added in the May 2020 update.


The map favors fast-paced game play with a very few amount of obstacles in blocking Brawlers from landing direct shots on the safe. The map contains multiple lanes, one of which has a shortcut through a lake. Safes can be attacked through 5+ openings and are very open for long ranged attacks in this map.


  • Sprout can be used to block enemies from running towards the safe, forcing them to go around. If his goal is to block multiple lanes he should place his Super near the 2x2 barrels or walls, thereby greatly manging defense.
  • Colt with their Magnum Special Star Power can quickly snipe down the safe when he stands next to the lakes, dealing massive amounts of damage.
  • Penny's Old Lobber can be planted in the bushes on the sides to deal damage onto the safe for a short period of time, only until the enemy team finds the turret. After which it only serves as a distraction.
  • Tick and other throwers can attack while being protected and defend themselves through blocking off lanes in case enemies attempt to trap them.
  • Carl and Jacky will have an easy time in handling opponents if they stay near bushes as all bushes on this map are directly in front of walls.
  • Walls near the lake on your team's side should always be destroyed as not doing so allows enemies to abuse them to trap you with them as well.
  • Brock can use his Gadget to easily traverse between the lanes. He can also stand behind the lake on the left while using his Incindenary star power to add high damage onto the safe, without getting defeated.
  • Dynamike's First Star Power Dynajump can be used for easily traverse between lanes and jump lakes without wasting a Gadget like Brock, or Super like El Primo, Piper and Crow, and by only consuming something that always reloads during a match: ammo.
  • Piper can use the water and bushes near the safe (for the first star power) for her advantage and use her super to escape jumping to traverse between lanes, jump lakes and flee from safe defenders, also hurting them.
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