Not to be confused with Crossroads (Heist), the Heist map.

Crossroads is a community map for the Lone Star event.


The map is edged with bushes and walls protruding separately. Wall formations act as crossroads for Brawlers that must decide which path to take. Between each crossroad is open space and/or lakes.


  • The map contains more opens areas than it does confined areas. Heavyweights are at a disadvantage in majority of the map.
  • Short to medium-ranged Brawlers should focus on staying away from the direct center as the crossroads do not leave much room for protection.
  • Sharpshooters like Piper and Brock have ample room for sniping down enemy Brawlers. Most of the crossroads have points that extend outwards towards the open spaces.
  • The edge bushes are thin and unconnected from other edge bushes. If you choose to run away from enemies remember to switch directions every so often as simply escaping won't work.
  • Assassins should head inwards where the wall formations favor them.
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