Cross Cut is an official map for the Gem Grab event.


The map has an open center with points of interest in each lane. The top left and bottom right include a long vertical lake bordered by fencing. The top right and bottom left includes bushes bordered by fencing as well 2x2 walls facing the center.


  • With minimal obstacles and bushy areas, this map is perfect for long-ranged Brawlers. The long narrow pathways allows these Brawlers to locate and take down enemies from afar.
  • The gem carrier should stay within the left bush cluster and fall back whenever they take a gem.
  • The middle lane is more fit for support Brawlers to guard the gem carrier. This includes medium to long ranged Brawlers.
  • The right lane is where heavyweights should go through that aim to be aggressive. Once reaching midway, they should head further into the enemy team's bushes.
  • Destroying the fencing should be a Brawler's least priority as doing so negatively impacts both teams.
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