Crimewater was an official map for the Knockout event.


At the spawns are a cluster of hay blocks bordered by bushes. Towards the middle are two long lakes that leave a small strait in the middle. There are alternating patches of water accompanied by bushes and rope fences. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Bo can place his mines in the small gap in between the lakes to make it harder for the enemy to get to your side. With his Circling Eagle Star Power as well, Bo and his teammates can see through the bigger clumps of bushes easily, if planning to ambush the enemy Brawlers. Snare a Bear's stuns will likely be seeing more use if Bo's teammates use his Super Totem Gadget and land knockouts.
    • Additionally, Nani can pair well with Bo. Bo can place his Super Totem Gadget at your spawn and Nani can get off a lot of Supers, most of which will ideally bring down enemies with her Autofocus Star Power.
  • Sprout's Super is an effective stall strategy once your team has the advantage. Its Photosynthesis Star Power gives him needed protection from long-ranged Brawlers.
  • Piper and Brock are good long-ranged support Brawlers however they get countered by other comps. Their goal is to get the first knockout.
  • It's important to use Brawlers with water traversing abilities, such as Gale's Spring Ejector gadget or Carl's Flying Hook Gadget as using the strait in tiebreakers is almost a guaranteed lost.
  • Gale with his Spring Ejector Gadget can be viable on this map. By using it near the bushes near the water, your team can ambush the enemy Brawlers if the center gets blockaded off. However, do keep in mind, enemy Brawlers will more likely ambush you as soon as you land, so always have a Support brawler ready.
  • Any glass-cannon Brawler on this map is useful such as Piper, Brock and Belle. These are useful as they can keep control of any other brawler that tries to get to close-quarters with you. Any long-ranged Brawlers will help in this mode. As a counter against the enemy team rushing you, you should also have a support Brawler with you to keep healing you if you get damaged.


  • On 7/4/21, Crimewater was added to the game.
  • On 16/6/21, Crimewater was removed from the game.
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