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Crated Factory is a community map for the Siege event.


The map is split into three distinct lanes. The side lanes have two bush clumps each while the center lane has four. Siege IKEs are protected by a small four tile wide wall with large openings on the sides. Unless walls are destroyed, Brawlers cannot interact with the other lanes aside from Brawlers that can shoot over walls.


  • Do not retreat under any circumstance even if your Brawler match ups are in a clear disadvantage. Always try to pressure the enemy Brawler in moving back.
  • Sprout can cut off lanes completely stopping enemies from collecting bolts in 1/3 of the map. If your team consists of a Sprout, do not use a Brawler with wall breaking capabilities, and if you do use them wisely.
  • Brawlers in this map will oftentimes have a lower-damage output than that of other maps which is great for Frank. Frank should use their Sponge Star Power if they wish to play a more passive role.
  • Gale's Gadget Spring Ejector can act as a pseudo lane switcher, but should be used carefully. A great spot is the right lane close to your Siege IKE, the lane that is less connected than the other two lanes.
  • Throwers will have a much easier time on this map and shouldn't need to worry about enemies attempting to directly attack them. If need be they can help teammates in finishing off their Brawler match up before finishing theirs.
  • The sides wall of this map will likely be the only sort of defense heavyweights and throwers will have on this map. Protect these walls as after they're gone you will likely have to dodge shots continually for the rest of the game. Because of this fact Carl and Penny should strive playing the side lanes as other Brawlers will have less luck in playing them.
  • Brawlers with a reasonable amount of spread should strive to play the side lanes. Pam and 8-Bit are great for handling opponents one at a time which frequently happens on maps like this.


  • On 13/05/20, Crated Factory was added to the game.
  • On 22/10/20, Crated Factory was removed from the game.