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Cover Crowd is a community map for the Heist event.


Two long vertical shaped bushes line the middle lane. On the sides there are two more long vertical bushes, and some small walls surrounding it. The safes are on the sides, close to the bushes on the sides.


  • You can use Sprout's Super to block off the lane on the left. You can also block the middle lane off so enemies can't go through the middle.
  • Heavyweights can use the bushes near the safe and destroy it. They are also very good for defense.
  • Throwers can access the safe from the bushes of the inner lanes near the cacti due to their long range.
  • A good strategy for this map is to clear the bushes on leading to your safe using Brawlers like Colt so that any enemies trying to access your safe will be easily spotted.


  • On 16/6/21, Cover Crowd was added to the game.
  • On 25/8/21, Cover Crowd was removed from the game.