Core Crumble is a community map for the Showdown event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update. This map is affected by the Angry Robo modifier.


The map is engulfed by large amounts of walls with bushes connecting these walls to smaller ones. Power Cube boxes are distributed in trios or individually inside wall clusters. The map is littered with cacti, barrels, and boxes outside of these walls trapping and protecting Brawlers from long-ranged Brawlers. The map contains eight lakes with the largest of them being in the bottom portion of this map.


  • The cacti are separated from each other to a point where no Brawler is able to hide behind one and not be in range of Jacky's attack.
    • Bibi can attack and hide behind the cacti as well although she has more room for her Super in the top section of this map.
  • The curved walls in the center of this map is a perfect location for Brawlers such as Bull and Rosa.
    • If Crow is unable to poison Brawlers in the lower section of this map. It may be a good idea to move towards the center as well. This logic applies to Leon as well, although Leon should have better luck anywhere across this map even if assassinations will happen more frequently in the lower section.
  • Darryl should play in the lower section of this map where they have access to lakes, bushes, and cover.
  • If using a mid range Brawler such as Pam or Bo try moving to the top section where you have more room for attacking.
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