"Colette is going to get you! She taxes opponents' health and has fancy moves to boot."
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Colette is a Chromatic Brawler that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at tier 30 from Season 3: Welcome to Starr Park! or from Brawl Boxes. She attacks by firing a projectile that deals more damage the more health her enemy has or a fixed amount against certain targets. For her Super, she dashes forwards and then back very quickly, damaging any enemies in her path based on their maximum health. Her Gadget, Na-ah!, makes her next shot deal 37% of the enemy Brawler's max health or double damage against special targets. Her first Star Power, Push It, carries Brawlers to the furthest point of her Super which stuns them until Colette turns back. Her second Star Power, Mass Tax, gives her a initial temporary shield that increases damage reduction for every enemy hit by her Super.

Attack: Taxing Shot

"Colette fires a shot that takes what you owe! And the more you have, the more you owe."

Colette fires a heart-shaped projectile at long range, dealing 37% of the opponent's current health; thus she can do a large amount of damage to high-health targets like Frank but low damage to low-health targets like Piper or Tick. Power Cube buffs are applied after the base damage is calculated. The attack has a minimum damage amount, which increases based on Colette's power level.

For special targets (such as Power Cube Boxes, the IKE, Heist Safes, spawnables, or other non-Brawlers), she will deal a fixed amount of damage that is based on her power level instead.

Super: Time To Collect

"Colette makes a dash forth and back, dealing taxing damage to everyone in her path, based on their maximum health."

Colette dashes forward a long distance until she reaches maximum range or is blocked by a wall, and then dashes back to her starting position. If she collides with an enemy, she deals 20% of the target's maximum health, both on her forward and on her return dash. Similar to her main attack, Power Cube buffs are applied after the base damage is calculated, and she will does twice as much damage to special targets as her main attack.

Gadget: Na-ah!

"Colette's next shot deals damage based on the opponent's maximum health or doubles the damage against special targets."

Upon activation, Colette's next attack deals 37% of the enemy Brawler's maximum health. If the target is a special target, it deals double the damage instead. A Gadget symbol will glow above Colette's head signaling this Gadget's activation. This Gadget's cool-down begins after the attack is used.

Star Powers

Push It

"All enemy brawlers hit by Colette's charge are carried to the farthest point of the attack!"

When using her Super, Colette drags enemies she hits to the maximum range of her Super. This will interrupt any attacks and Supers, such as Carl's or Frank's Super. Brawlers affected by this Star Power can be pushed across water as well. Brawlers carried to the farthest point of the attack will be hit twice.

Mass Tax

"Colette's Super gives her a 20% shield for 5.0 seconds. Every enemy brawler hit by it will add 10% more protection."

When using her Super, she will get an initial 20% damage reduction shield that increases by 10% with every enemy she hits, and the shield lasts for 5 seconds after using the Super. This can allow her to have a 100% damage reduction (immunity) if she hits 8 or more enemies with her Super. Note that even with the 100% shield, it will not affect slows, stuns, or knockbacks.


  • Colette is a fighter that specializes as a support tank-counter. Her attacks can cut massive amounts of health, but without proper support, she struggles to finish off opponents in a short amount of time.
  • Colette's Super can be used to collect gems and return to cover, making her a good gem carrier in Gem Grab. Her Super can also be used to collect Power Cubes in Showdown or Bolts in Siege.
  • Colette's Push It Star Power can be used like Gale's Super. In 3v3 modes, it can be used to either interrupt a Brawler's Super, like Frank's, or to push them away to help buy teammates some time to gain control of the middle. She can also push Brawlers into the gas or meteors in Showdown.
  • If Colette is facing a full health Brawler, refrain from using her Gadget. The Gadget will deal the same amount of damage as her main attack and instead should be used when the enemies are at low health.
  • In Solo Showdown, use Colette’s range to chip away at enemy Brawlers from a distance. This should protect you from most enemy fire (assuming the enemy Brawler has small or medium attack range), and is far safer than going close up on enemies. If you do this correctly, you will eventually take down the enemy, or make them an easy target for other Brawlers in the area who should be able to finish them off.
  • If she hits two quick shots and a Super, Colette can defeat almost every Brawler in-game. This tactic makes Colette an effective tank-counter, but also exposes her to some vulnerable positions. Her Super has a quick charging rate along with her attack, meaning that she can do this multiple times.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"I see you!"
"Best moment of my life!"
"Oh! One for the collection!"
"I'll find you - everytime!"
"Don't run away!"
"Look! My favorite Brawler!"
"Scrapbook moment!"
Colette laughs
"I still love you."
"I'm gonna catch you!"
"Brawl Stars forever!"
"Is this really happening?!"
"Don't touch my scrapbook!"
"I hope that leaves a mark!"
"Wait for me!"
"I'm gonna chase you - and I'm gonna find you."
"This is better than my fanfics!"
"You. Are going in my scrapbook."
"Just wait there! I'll be right back."
"I just want your autograph!"
"You can't get away from me! Ever..."
"I just wanna be friends!"
"This is so cool!"
"That's a keeper!"
"So many cool Brawlers!"
"I know you like me!"


  • 11/9/20:
  • 14/9/20:
    • Colette and her Trixie skin were added to the game. Neutral
  • 17/9/20:
    • Colette's now deals fixed main attack and Super damage against pets and summonable objects such as Nita's Bear and Jessie's Turret (similarly as against other "special targets" such as PvE bosses or Showdown boxes). Buff
    • Her main attack base damage percent was increased to 37% (from 35%), and minimum damage was increased to 500 (from 200). Also, the minimum damage now scales with buffs (such as Power Cubes). Buff
    • Colette's Gadget Na-ah! now deals 37% of enemy Brawler's max health as damage with the next main attack (and doubles the main attack fixed damage against special targets). Buff
    • Super fixed damage against special targets was increased to 2000 (from 1000). Buff
  • 2/10/20:
    • Colette's Star Power Mass Tax was added. Neutral
  • 22/10/20:
    • Colette's Super recharge rate was increased by 100%. Buff
    • Colette's reload speed was decreased to 1.6 seconds (from 1.8 seconds). Buff
  • 15/12/20:
    • Colette's health was increased to 3400 (from 3200) Buff
    • Colette's Mass Tax initial shield gain was increased to 20% (from 10%) Buff


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