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Cold pond quarry is an official map for the 5v5 Gem Grab event.


Right in front of spawn is a bush cluster with two rows of walls on either side. The left lane consists of a small row of unbreakable walls, and a large Z-shaped wall. On the side is a 2-tile wide row of bushes. To the left of the bush row and on top of the Z-shaped wall is the first of two gem spawners. The left lane is identical although it's flipped. directly in the center of the map is a large lake. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Throwers, such as Dynamike or Larry & Lawrie, are great on the left lane as they can easily defend the gem spawner from behind the Z-shaped wall without any threat. On the other hand, Thrower counters, such as Mico, are recommended on the right lane to defend this exact situation.
  • Eve and Angelo are decent picks on this map. They can hover over the water and use the openness of the map to their advantage due to their long ranges. They also both have Gadgets that can allow them to escape quickly by leaping over the small row of walls behind the lake.
  • Brawlers with Hypercharges, especially Edgar, Dynamike, and Fang, are recommended because they can easily team wipe, which is very important in 5v5.


  • On 12/12/23, Cold pond quarry was added to the game.