Cobweb is a community map for the Bounty event. It was added in the May 2020 update.


The map features 20 2x2 walls distributed evenly across the map. Bushes connect the wall clusters to each other creating two large tangled cobwebs for each team. The left lane of the cobweb allows Brawlers to have access to the center and left lane. The center lane is surrounded by 4 wall clusters giving Brawlers access to the left and right lane. The right lane features a similar situation giving Brawlers easy access to the center and right lane instead.


  • This map is very closed, if you choose to use a sharpshooter use Mr. P and place his Super near the left lane bushes behind the wall cluster.
  • The center lacks direct contact with the other sides of the map. Tick or Barley are great options for controlling these openings.
  • Close-range Brawlers should head to the right lane and enter their cobweb. Once they get there they should put pressure on the center and right lanes, and hide behind the walls waiting for opponents to re-spawn.
  • Piper or Brock are other great options for keeping the right lane under control. Use their super to destroy the center of their cobweb to limit the ability for opponents to switch lanes.
  • Make sure the left lane is kept in check as enemies that enter your side of the cobweb through there are hard to remove. If your team is not suitable for removing enemies there, hold your ground in the center bottom portion of the map.
  • The very nature of this maps favors heavyweights, and their respective counters such as Shelly or Spike. Do not use long-ranged Brawlers that cannot burst down individual enemies.

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