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Cobweb is a community map for the Bounty event.


The map features many 2x2 walls distributed evenly across the map. Bushes connect the wall clusters to each other creating two large tangled cobwebs for each team. The left lane of the cobweb allows Brawlers to have access to the center and left lane, while the center ends off in 4 wall clusters. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Mr. P is a good choice for this map because he can attack enemies hiding behind walls. It is advisable to place his Super behind the wall cluster on the far-left or far-right lanes in order for it to be protected from enemy fire.
  • Throwers like Tick or Barley are great options for this map because they can use their main attacks to block off choke points and narrow passages in order to push back the enemy team and to give allies a better chance of taking down enemy Brawlers.
  • Close-range Brawlers should make full use of the bushes on this map in order to get close to vulnerable enemies. Allies should try to push back enemies as much as possible in order to allow hiding tanks to ambush retreating enemies.
  • Piper or Brock are very strong on this map because their particularly long range makes them extremely versatile. They can use their Supers to open up the map and to destroy enemy cover, making their long range even more useful.
  • Make sure the left lane is kept in check as enemies that enter your side of the cobweb through there are hard to remove. If your team is not suitable for removing enemies there, hold your ground in the center bottom portion of the map.
  • The nature of this maps favors mid ranged Brawlers such as Sandy and Carl who can utilize cover effectively while out-ranging close-ranged Brawlers.
  • Rosa can connect bushes with her Grow Light Gadget, and her Plant Life Star Power can help heal after an attack or during an attack.


  • On 13/05/20, Cobweb was added to the game.
  • On 10/09/20, Cobweb was removed from the game.