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Coarse Course is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


  • The goals are partially blocked with the fences.
  • The outside is filled with bushes.
  • The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Frank is a very decent brawler here. The crates give him cover.
  • If you lose matches here, consider using Nita, which counters Frank very well because of the bear.
  • Shelly could be a good brawler here because she can ambush people and her super can break the fence by the opposing goal.
  • 3 good teams: Spike, Gene, Mr. P or Colt, Spike, Gene or Brock, Spike, Leon
  • Rosa is a useful brawler due to her high health, you can activate her super and just soak up damage with her super. There are enough bushes for her to heal with her first star power.
  • Jessie is also a useful brawler due to her unique attack.
  • Poco is also a useful brawler due to his high health and wide spread. His super can heal him and his allies, giving him or them more health to score, if you don't have his super available, use your gadget, if both aren't available, use your first star power to heal allies with your main attack.
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