Coarse Course is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map though open, is bush infested. The overabundance of bushes creates a very specific meta for this map. The ball starts between two L-like wall clusters trapping it inside with bushes bordering right outside this formation. The side lane bush clusters are separated from each other through a thin barrel barrier.


  • Brawlers should assume enemies aren't hiding in their team's bushes as they move in, the barrel barrier is very effective at splitting the teams apart.
  • The lack of a goal barrier makes direct shots very common on this map. Trick-shots using the fencing to the sides of the goal is another option.
  • Poco, Pam, and Emz should stay close to the middle lane where they have more room to pressure enemy Brawlers. Poco and Pam need to be supported by either a heavyweight or burst Brawler that can block direct goals.
  • The right lane has access to the center wall formations which short-ranged Brawlers need for cover.
  • The bushes pose a disadvantage for sharpshooters that take the risk to head into the enemy team's bushes. Brock's Super can separate the bush clusters further, greatly increasing their viability.
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