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"There's no turning back with Clancy (unless Hank orders him to). He's fully embraced his fake crustacean life and will do anything for his comrades."
Clancy Portrait

Clancy is a Mythic Brawler who has moderate health and a very high damage output. His Trait also allows him to gather tokens and upgrade his attack and Super during a match. Clancy attacks by shooting bullets and the attack pattern changes depending on his Stage. For his Super, he fires a lot of projectiles in a fan shape, which increases in range and damage depending on his current Stage. His first Gadget, Snappy Shooting, allows him to obtain his upgrade faster in a short duration. His second Gadget, Tactical Retreat, allows him to dash a few tiles in the direction he is facing and reload one ammo. His first Star Power, Recon, gives him some tokens at the start of a match. His second Star Power, Pumping Up, reloads all his ammo when he defeats an enemy.


"Clancy gains tokens when his abilities hit enemy Brawlers!"

Clancy obtains tokens for every projectile he successfully hits with his main attack or Super. Each level takes about 9 hits for him to level up from Stage 1 to Stage 2, and 15 hits from Stage 2 to Stage 3. Even if he is defeated, he will keep the Stage he was in after he respawns.

Attack: Power Wash

"Clancy's attacks upgrade each stage.
STAGE 1: Clancy fires one bullet.
STAGE 2: Clancy fires a second bullet each attack!
STAGE 3: Clancy fires 2 additional bullets diagonally each attack!"

Clancy shoots bullets in different configurations at different stages, similar to Surge and Chester. At stage 1, Clancy fires 1 bullet forward. At stage 2, he fires 2 bullets forward. At stage 3, he fires 2 additional bullets that travel diagonally, for a total of 4 bullets in an attack.

Super: Torrent

"Clancy's Super upgrades each stage.
STAGE 1: Clancy fires a torrent of bullets in a cone in front of him.
STAGE 2: Bullets travel further.
STAGE 3: Bullets deal 50% additional damage!"

Clancy shoots 2 streams of 8 bullets each, dealing damage erratically in a cone shape. As he continuously fires, he first aims both streams ahead of himself, then expands them outwards to each side, and then brings them back together. At stage 2, the range of the Super's projectiles is increased. At stage 3, the damage of each projectile is increased by 50%.


Snappy Shooting

"Clancy gains double tokens for 5 seconds."

Upon activation, Clancy obtains double the amount of tokens for all projectiles he shoots for the next 5 seconds.

Tactical Retreat

"Clancy dashes and reloads 1 ammo"

Clancy dashes forward in the direction he is facing upon using this Gadget, and also regain 1 ammo when using this gadget. Similar to Maisie, he will also stun any enemies nearby when he dashes. However, the dash is cancelled if he is stunned, pulled, or knocked back, he cannot dash through walls or water, and the dash will be interrupted if he dashes into any of them.

Star Powers


"Clancy starts the match with 3 tokens."

This Star Power gives Clancy 3 free tokens at the start of the match.

Pumping Up

"Clancy reloads all of his ammo on every enemy takedown."

This Star Power allows Clancy to fully reload his ammo whenever his enemy Brawlers are defeated.


  • Because of the inconsistent spread of Clancy's Super, it is best to move back and forth while using it. This will allow more of the bullets to hit enemies.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"From the depths of the sea, to the height of victory!"
"I'll claw my way to victory, one pinch at a time!"
"I don't break character, I break Brawlers!"
"This isn't just a battle, it's a crustacean crusade."
"Clancy is the name, going full lobster is the game."
"Pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch!"