Chill Space (originally called Chill Cave) is a community map for the Gem Grab event. The map has a Brawlidays version named Holiday Chill.


The map contains four points of walls that envelop bushes. Brawlers can choose to go in between these four points, but are forced to go through narrow lanes if they do. Each corner has a patch of bushes as well as the sides. Toward the top and bottom section of the map are small L-like walls that hinder enemy movement.


  • Sharpshooters and other long-ranged Brawlers should not go in between the points as they have very narrow lanes.
  • Throwers should stay in places that lack openings. This can lure short-ranged enemies to your location where you are able to burst them down.
  • Heavyweights and assassins should go to the sides as going forward is expected from the enemies. If enemies do not react to them you can enter corners on their side of the map.
  • Nita can stop enemies from sneaking into your team's points as well as attack the other team's points as well.
  • Poco and Sandy can both play back and stop enemies from collecting gems. Sandy should use their Super to help teammates such as Jacky into the enemy's points without noticing.
  • Mr. P's attack helps him to attack Brawlers in the narrow lanes or inside the points themselves. He should place his Super behind one of these points where enemy Brawlers can't get to them.
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