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Center Stage is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map's center has a bush border and fencing to the sides. The side lanes contain smaller bush strips, with more growing at the map's corners. Each goal has a three tile opening and two entrances. The map is horizontally and vertically symmetrical.


  • Treat this as a Brawl Ball version of Feast or Famine. You will be rewarded for going to the center, but you are more likely to be ambushed. Rosa is very strong on this map, especially if she has her Plant Life Star Power equipped.
  • Another option is to use high-spread Brawlers such as Pam and Emz that can block off certain sections of the bush border with their main attacks. Poco is also a viable option, as he can supplement the health of his teammates and can use his wide attack radius to scan for concealed enemy Brawlers hiding in bushes.
  • Sharpshooters are risky to play on this map because of how much space the bush border takes, make sure you're playing long-ranged Brawlers that can reliably burst otherwise you'll have to play at the side lanes.
  • If you're playing at the side lanes, do not use ambushing strategies as the bush strips can be checked single-handedly by most sharpshooters.
  • Frank is a good choice as his Super can clear enemies hiding behind the 1x4 walls in the middle. Along with his high health, his wall-clearing Super has lots of range, so unless the enemy team has a wall-breaker, Frank can basically destroy all possible barriers that protect the enemy goal.
  • High-health Brawlers could kick the ball into the goal because there are less enemies in a side of the map.
  • On this map, its good to have wall breakers like Colt or Brock. Breaking down walls will give a disadvantage to tanks and make it easier to score.
  • Tara is a good choice because her Psychic Enhancer Gadget can let her see any enemies hiding in the center grass.
  • Rico is a strong pick on this map because he can bounce his shots on the vertical 4x1 to hit the enemies hiding behind their cluster of walls.


  • On 15/4/19, Center Stage was added to the game.
  • On 15/11/19, Center Stage was featured in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 as a Quarterfinals map against Spacestation Gaming vs 3Bears, SSG Brazil vs Tribe Gaming, PSG Esports vs Animal Chanpuru, and NOVA Esports vs Dr.HK.
  • On 11/1/20, Center Stage was featured in the January Brawl Stars Championship Challenge as a Stage II map.
  • On 17/3/20, Center Stage was removed from the game.
  • On 10/9/20, Center Stage was added back to the game. The environment of Center Stage had changed from Grassfield theme to Brawl Ball Arena theme.
  • On 27/3/21, Center Stage was featured in the PSG Cup Challenge as a Stage II map.
  • On 16/12/21, Center Stage was featured in the Master Leagues Challenge as a Stage II map.