Center Stage is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map's center has a bush border and fencing to the sides. The side lanes contain smaller bush strips, with more growing at the map's corners. Each goal has a three tile opening and two entrances.


  • Treat this as a Brawl Ball version of Feast or Famine. You will be rewarded for going to the center, but you are more likely to be ambushed. Rosa is especially good at this map if she has her Plant Life Star Power.
    • Another option is to use high spread Brawlers such as Pam and Emz that can block off certain sections of the bush border with their main attacks.
  • Rico with Super Bouncy is good for this map. Try to hit the wall shaped like an "U", it will bounce and give extra range and damage.
  • Sharpshooters are risky to play on this map because of how much space the bush border takes, make sure you're playing long-ranged Brawlers that can reliably burst otherwise you'll have to play at the side lanes.
  • If you're playing at the side lanes, do not use ambushing strategies as the bush strips can be checked single-handedly by most sharpshooters.
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