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Center Field is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map has an open center with wall corners creating opportunities for heavyweights to sneak through the side lanes. Goals have three tile openings with four entrances which are all two tiles wide. The sides of the map and corners contain bushes which stretch across sections of the map illustrating a change of pace near goals.


  • Nita and Jacky are very versatile on this map and can play in a variety of positions. Their attack mechanics allow them to target enemies hiding behind walls and their relatively strong health allows them to be more aggressive when taking on enemy Brawlers. Although they are viable offensive options, they can be good defensive choices as well, especially if they position themselves on one of the side lanes of the map.
  • Heavyweights such as El Primo and Rosa can use the large amount of walls on this map to advance towards the enemy goal while remaining protected from most enemy fire. They can also use the many bushes on the map to launch surprise attacks on incoming enemies.
  • Emz and Frank are excellent options for controlling the center of the map and pushing back incoming enemies because of the extensive spread of their main attacks.
  • Mr. P is very strong on this map because his attack mechanic allows him to target enemies hiding behind walls, making him a very strong asset on this map, which has many walls. His Super will also help to seek out hiding enemy Brawlers and will put constant pressure on enemies as long as the turret is not destroyed. In order to reduce the chances of the turret being taken down by enemy Brawlers, it is advisable to place it behind one of the L shaped walls near to your goal, however, it can be placed higher up the map in order to provide quicker support in combat situations.
  • Sharpshooters such as Colt and Rico can be effective on this map because they can use their above-average range to take out enemy Brawlers from a distance, making it easier for teammates to score. They also deal extremely large amounts of damage, making them excellent in combat situations, but accurate aiming is needed in order for them to be effective against enemy Brawlers.


  • On 17/03/20, Center Field was added to the game.
  • On 10/09/20, Center Field was removed from the game.
  • On 25/08/21, Center Field was added back to the game.
  • On 01/03/22, Center Field was removed from the game.