Center Field is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map has an open center with wall corners creating opportunities for heavyweights to sneak through the side lanes. Goals have three tile openings with four entrances which are all two tiles wide. The sides of the map and corners contain bushes which stretch across sections of the map illustrating a change of pace near goals.


  • Nita and Jacky can play virtually everywhere on this map. If they play in the side lanes they can stop enemy brawlers from progressing to goals however.
  • Heavyweights such as El Primo and Rosa can easily sneak towards enemy goals if they stay near the wall corners on the center of this map.
  • Emz and Frank will have an easy time in controlling the center of this map if the three tile horizontal fence is not destroyed.
    • Brawlers that can't control the center, but will find it incredibly useful include Tara and Sandy. Sandy's goal should be to place a sandstorm to help teammates move into the enemy's bush near the goal openings without enemies noticing.
    • Supports that should use the center to charge their Super include Pam and Poco which both have large spread main attacks. Unlike Tara and Sandy they may not be able to hold 2+ Brawlers if they push through the center. One teammate should always stay back in case this ever occurs.
  • Mr. P can attack any camping Brawlers as well as check the bushes near the wall corners. His Super should be placed near the bushes in one of the four wall corners where most heavyweights go. This can help Mr. P with scouting them as well as able to do some damage with his porters.

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