Cell Division is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The map consists of six cells none of which are in the center, the center is completely open. Launch pads from either sides launch Brawlers to the opposite sides of these cells which are separated through fencing. Each team also has a small 4x2 bush with fencing facing the center of the map on their side as well.


  • Friendly tank brawlers, turrets and pets (e.g. Nita's bear and Jessie's turret) can easily be deployed to the opposing team's side utilizing the launch pads as a distraction.
  • One can use the launch pads in a desperate attempt to get gems. However, keep in mind that this area will also be closely watched by the opposing team.
  • Use long-ranged brawlers like Brock, 8-BIT, Bo, and Colt since in the map has very open places. A Piper with their Ambush Star Power can take control as well using the cell gaps.
  • Turrets, such as Pam's, 8-BIT's, or Penny's, can be placed behind the wall directly above/below the mine. This way, enemy projectiles will almost never hit them and they will survive long enough to provide incredible value. Likewise, throwers such as Tick or Barley can bombard the enemy team while staying safe in the upper cells.
  • Mr. P can play in the enemy cells as long as they're careful. Their main attack allows them to get a few extra shots before enemies can reach them.
  • Heavyweights can use the launch pads solely to be aggressive. Once launched they will be protected on two sides by fencing, and have time to regain position.
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