Cavern Churn is an official map for the Showdown event.


The map has a bush heavy center and lacks open space. There are lots of walls to hide behind or take cover, and the Power Cubes boxes are mainly in the middle and in some cases, the corners of the map. Bushes that are not in the center of the map are only found in small patches and have very little impact on the map's gameplay.


  • Heavyweights are good for short-ranged combat and staying in the center. They should camp until enemies come near to them in which case they can ambush them, finishing them off with ease. However, it is advised to only ambush Brawlers if they are weak and don't have many Power Cubes.
  • Brawlers that can summon pets that follow Brawlers, such as Nita, Tick, and Tara with her Black Portal Star Power can seek out other Brawlers and find out where they are. They can also act as a meat shield against non-piercing attacks.
  • Throwers like Dynamike and Tick are suitable Brawlers as they can use their wall-ignoring attacks to camp outside the middle bush and use the walls to their full advantage. Their disadvantage is that when the map is closing they will have to go into the center, where they can be easily killed by heavyweights and assassins.
  • Even though it might be tempting to go for the center Power Cube boxes, you might want to play it safe and get Power Cubes in the outskirts. This tactic is great with assassins and throwers.
  • Bo is quite useful in this map as his Circling Eagle Star Power will allow him to see other players in the bushes in the center of this map, allowing him to control the center and eliminate others with ease. Bo can also use his Super to trap enemies into the poison clouds or use them to get a rough estimate of Brawler positions.
  • Rico can be considered a decent choice because of all the walls which his bullets can bounce off of as he can find enemies in the bushes as well.
  • Various sharpshooters are vulnerable in close contact with enemies, but it might also be a benefit since the cavern is quite narrow, except in the center.
  • Gale with his Gadget Spring Ejector can be useful on this map. He can plant his launch pad in the bushes, making it so that enemies who walk into it will be flung out of the bushes. This can also be fatal to you and your duo partner if you've forgotten where you placed it. If Gale needs more time for this setup he can use his Star Power Blustery Blow in conjunction with the launch pads. He can also use his Gadget to make enemies hesitant to cross the launch pads and trap them in the poison clouds for a few seconds.
  • Tara's Gadget Psychic Enhancer can be used to locate enemy Brawlers camping in the vast amount of bushes. In addition, her Black Portal Star Power, if activated, spawns a shade that can seek out enemies within the bushy terrain of the centre of the map, potentially flagging up the whereabouts of hidden enemies if they are present.
  • El Primo can be a useful brawler on this map as he has a large amount of health and can sneak up to enemy brawlers and unleash his hard hitting close ranged attack. It is advisable to select his Suplex Supplement Gadget for this map, and to continually spam it. This means that if an enemy brawler comes into range, they will be immediately thrown over him, giving him an advantage over his enemy (by allowing him to know their exact location) and potentially disorienting El Primo’s adversary.
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