Canal Grande is a community map for the Bounty event.


The map has strips of bushes growing in the sides, and a lane of water that flows vertically breaking for the star in the center of the map. The map only has four entrances to the sides, two for each team. Small amounts of cacti and individual walls dot the entrances.


  • This map is good for heavyweights such as Bull, Rosa and El Primo. Darryl and Bull can increase the roll/charge of their Supers along the water. Tanks should focus on maintaining control of the sides from enemy Brawlers.
    • If you play Darryl, Bull, or any Brawler who can charge or dive with their Super, just know that their Super can't be used to travel completely through the water from the center to the back.
  • Emz is great for this map. Her wide ranged attack can clear bushes quickly and her Super can be used to cover an even greater amount of bushes to locate camping Brawlers.
  • Piper and Tick are highly used on this map for their range and damage outputs. Both of these Brawlers are capable of destroying obstacles, but they should only destroy obstacles that are frequently used as cover by enemies such as the walls on the back of this map.
    • Other options include Brock and Barley with Brock able to control openings with use of his Incendiary Star Power. Both Tick and Barley should use the walls on the back of this map, only for entering bushes directly, unless they are protected by a heavyweight.
  • Mr. P can scout Brawlers with his porters and use their main attack bounce to damage enemies from all sides if they attempt to enter their bush. Piper and Brock will have a much harder time in taking out his porters as well.
  • The openings of this map are considerably small and once blocked off by Sprout's Super, opponents will have no place to hide.
  • Tara’s Psychic Enhancer Gadget and Bo’s Circling Eagle Star power can be useful for scouting and finding foes in bushes.
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