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"Byron has invented many concoctions and tinctures that heal or harm in various ways.... but most of them fall into the harming category"
Byron Portrait

Byron is a Mythic Brawler who has a moderately high damage output and can provide consistent healing to allies, but has low health and insufficient burst damage. His attack is a long-ranged dart that damages enemies and heals allies over time. His Super lobs a vial that damages/heals all respective targets in its splash radius upon impact. His first Gadget, Shot in the Arm, consumes one ammo to heal him over time. His second Gadget, Booster Shots, allows his next attack to fire three darts that deal less damage and heal less health. His first Star Power, Malaise, momentarily reduces the effectiveness of any healing effects for enemies hit by his Super. His second Star Power, Injection, periodically makes his attack pierce through targets.

Attack: Careful Dose

"Shoots a long range dart that can hit both opponents and friendlies. Opponents will take damage over time and friendlies will heal over time."

Byron fires a long-ranged dart, dealing three ticks of damage over time to enemies over 2 seconds. However, if the dart hits an ally, it instead heals them for the same amount of health as damage to an enemy. The damage/healing effects stack, meaning you can attack/heal the same target multiple times to increase its effect. The damage/healing effects also scale with buffs. Byron's attack has a slow cooldown of 0.5 seconds, but has a fast reload speed.

Super: Full Treatment

"Throws a vial that heals friendlies and damages opponents."

Byron lobs a vial over obstacles which instantaneously heals both himself and allies and damages enemies within a 2.67-tile splash radius upon impact.


Shot In The Arm

"Byron uses one of his shots to heal himself 1200 per second for 3 seconds."

After a 1-second delay, Byron consumes one ammo bar while healing him 1200 health per second for 3 seconds, healing a total of 3600 health. This Gadget can be activated when Byron is at full health.

Booster Shots

"Byron's next attack shoots 3 darts instead of one, each dealing 20% less damage and 40% less healing."

Activating this Gadget makes Byron's next attack fire 3 darts in a moderate spread. Each dart deals 20% less damage and heals for 40% less health than normally. Byron's Injection Star Power doesn't affect this Gadget. A Gadget symbol will glow above Byron's head signaling this Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown starts after this attack is shot.

Star Powers


"Byron's Super will also cause opponents to receive 75% less healing from any source for 9 seconds."

Enemies hit by Byron's Super will now heal for 25% as much health from any healing source for 9 seconds. This doesn't affect Max's Sneaky Sneakers Gadget.


"Every 3.5 seconds the next basic attack will pierce through targets."

Byron gains a bar similar to Bibi's Home Run bar. When the bar is charged up after 3.5 seconds, Byron's next attack pierces through any target. Like Sprout's Overgrowth Star Power, Byron doesn't require all three ammo to charge the bar.


  • Since his range is long but his cooldown is slow, sharpshooting skills, such as aiming ahead of the enemy's direction of travel, are needed to utilize Byron well. However, with his fast projectile speed, aiming with Byron is easier than with other long-ranged Brawlers such as Brock or Bea. Unless there are no enemies near faraway allies, prioritize allies closest to you.
  • To take advantage of Byron's range is to chip away at enemies with his stacking tick damage while also dodging their fire, and once they're low on health, you can use your Super to finish them off. This strategy will allow Byron to better secure defeats.
  • Byron's long range, high tick damage, and healing abilities truly shine in Team Events because he can consistently heal his teammates and himself with his attack, Super, and Shot In the Arm Gadget alike while they work towards the event objective with the healing giving more ease. Doing so will almost guarantee a positive outcome as the healing decreases enemy damage while assisting allies. In addition, he's also effective at preventing enemies from healing, making it easier to cripple the enemy team.
  • Byron is outstanding at supporting close-ranged Brawlers like Edgar as Byron's allies can play aggressively, and if applicable, ambush enemies with their Supers or by bush-camping while Byron can consistently and quickly heal them from a safe distance.
  • When your attack is auto-aimed, it prioritizes the closest target to you. When fighting alongside a teammate, manually aim to hit the enemy and keep your distance, and even if you have his Injection Star Power, which allows you to chain attacks to hit both allies and enemies, you should still maintain a safe distance away from teammates that is far enough to damage enemies but close enough to heal allies without the disadvantages of long-range aiming.
  • Byron functions well with 8-Bit as 8-Bit's damage booster boosts Byron's healing abilities and Byron can use this to heal 8-Bit who already has high health. This combination is very effective in Duo Showdown. The combo is also extremely devastating in Siege; if the team dives into the enemy IKE turret's range to attack it, the boosted healing from Byron will momentarily protect 8-Bit while he uses his high damage and his Extra Credits Gadget to take out a major portion, if not all, of the IKE's health. Conversely, these two Brawlers in an enemy team should be monitored closely and be approached with caution.
  • Byron is niche in Super City Rampage as he can heal allies while they aggressively attack the Boss. An excellent team composition in this event is himself with his Injection Star Power, Pam, and one who can stall the Boss such as Edgar/Nita. For Edgar, he should use his Fisticuffs Star Power; for Nita, she should use her Bear With Me Star Power. If Edgar is the stalling Brawler, he should continuously stall the Boss with his high burst damage and the healing provided from his attack, Pam and Byron, and these should make him able to overcome the Boss's damage. For Nita, she should charge up her Super and spawn Bruce near the Boss opposite of Nita, and Nita and Bruce should take turns attacking and healing each other, and with Pam's and Byron's healing, Nita and Bruce can withstand more damage.
  • Byron's Booster Shots Gadget is best used to poison multiple enemies, heal multiple allies, or a combination of the two. It can also be used to heal or poison a single target for more damage/health than a regular shot, and can act as a form of close-range defense in combination with his Super. The Gadget is good for killing low health enemies up close, although sometimes Byron will die too when he uses it up close.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Next time, try my excellent aiming elixir."


  • 16/12/20:
    • Neutral Byron was added to the game.
  • 13/01/21:
    • Neutral Byron's Injection Star Power was added.
  • 08/02/21:
    • Nerf Byron's health was decreased to 2400 (from 2500).
    • Nerf His main attack damage/heal was decreased to 380 (from 400) per shot.
  • 07/04/21:
    • Nerf Byron's main attack damage/heal was decreased to 340 (from 380) per shot.
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Byron's Super was increased to 10 hits (from 9).
  • 16/06/21:
    • Buff Byron's Malaise Star Power enemy healing reduction effect was increased to 75% (from 50%).
  • 17/06/21:
    • Buff The number of hits necessary to charge Byron's Super was decreased to 9 hits (from 10).
  • 25/08/21:
    • Neutral Byron's Shot In The Arm Gadget can now be used when Byron is at full health.
  • 30/08/21:
    • Neutral The Wizard Byron skin was added. It was featured as a Power League exclusive skin for Brawl Pass Season 8.
  • 28/09/21:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue where Wizard Byron's animations were glitching when using jump pads.
  • 01/03/22:
    • Neutral Byron's Booster Shots Gadget was added.
  • 27/04/22:
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Byron's Super was increased to 12 hits (from 9).
    • Neutral Wizard Byron's losing animation was reworked.
    • Neutral Fixed an issue with Byron's voice lines.
  • 08/06/22:
    • Neutral The Overlord Byron skin was added. It was featured as a Worst Bunch skin.
  • 29/06/22:
    • Nerf Byron's reload time was increased to 1.6 seconds (from 1.3).
    • Neutral Byron and all of his skins' main attack visual effects were slightly reworked.
  • 31/08/22:
    • Neutral Byron's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 28/02/23:
    • Buff Byron's reload time was decreased to 1.45 seconds (from 1.6).
  • 25/04/23:
  • 05/09/23:
    • Buff The number of hits necessary to charge Byron's Super was decreased to 9 hits (from 12).
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Byron's Shot In The Arm Gadget healing was increased to 960 (from 800) per second and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Byron's flavor text was changed from "Byron deals with potent medicaments, but never call him a snake oil salesman!" to "Byron has invented many concoctions and tinctures that heal or harm in various ways.... but most of them fall into the harming category"
  • 07/11/23:
    • Neutral The Ringmaster Byron skin was added. It was featured as a Bizarre Circus skin.
  • 25/03/24:
    • Buff Byron's main attack damage/heal was increased to 380 (from 340) per shot.
  • 23/04/24:
    • Neutral The Byron the White skin was added. It was featured as a Ranked skin.
  • 19/06/24:
    • Neutral The Beach Byron skin was added. It was featured as a Summer of Brawl skin.
  • 01/07/24:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue with Ringmaster Byron's winning animation.


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