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Burning Sands is a community map for the Bounty event.


The map's walls are placed diagonally or shaped into arcs while the bushes (which also happen to be diagonally placed or shaped into arcs) bordering them provide enough coverage to avoid being seen. The map is very open although the bushes can deter sharpshooters from being aggressive. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Sharpshooters can use the open space to snipe enemy Brawlers entering into bushes. If the Brawler is a sharpshooter as well, they should go to the one of the side bushes instead going straight forward.
  • For throwers, they need to hide behind walls. The left lane walls curve inward protecting them from attacks but it leaves them trapped.
  • For short-ranged Brawlers, they should rely on ambush tactics to apply pressure. Moving through the right lane and behind the cacti are good options for zoning enemies.
  • Sharpshooters with Supers that act as an annoyance to single-shot Brawlers should play support. Mr. P and Jessie's Supers can withstand numerous piercing shots.
  • Brock and Piper should aim to destroy the middle lane wall cluster with their Supers. This cripples heavyweights and medium-ranged Brawlers.


  • On 26/06/19, Burning Sands was added to the game.
  • On 29/08/19, Burning Sands was removed from the game.