Bulk Up is an official map for the Takedown event.


The map is littered with walls and narrow lanes. Bushes tend to surround Power Cube spawns. Walls cluster diagonally, changing the viability of certain Brawlers.


  • Heavyweights can stay near the cacti and use them as defense while grabbing Power Cubes and attacking the Boss.
  • The long lanes would make this map more preferable to sharpshooter Brawlers, which can be helpful for dealing damage to the Boss and other enemies. However, the overabundance of walls evens this out.
  • Throwers like Tick and Barley can close off the square bush clusters, cutting-off the Brawlers within, trapping them with the Boss or other opponents.
  • Because the map has a sparse amount of Power Cubes, try leading the Boss near to a bush cluster, preferably the outer ones, where there could be more Power Cubes.
  • The corner bush clusters include the Power Cube duos. However, the Boss doesn't charge here often so it has little use.
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