Breakout Brawl is a community map for the Hot Zone event. It was added in the Lunar New Year 2020 update.


The map has a tilt in the location of the zones. The left zone is closer to the enemy team than the right zone. Each zone has bushes connecting inside of them which favor certain teams. Brawlers can either break the wall cluster in the middle of the two center lakes to escape, or travel around the lake which uses more time. Two launch pads are present which launch Brawlers to the zone on the other side of the map.


  • 8-BIT is a great choice for this map as his natural defenses and Gadget Cheat Cartridge allows him to control and teleport to zones. Very rarely will the center blocks be destroyed as doing so weakens both team's defenses.
    • Other great defenders include Pam and Frank with the latter able to take a more aggressive role.
  • Brawlers choosing to be defensive should go into the right zone, and offensive brawlers should go into the left zone.
  • Throwers such as Barley and Sprout can hide behind the center wall and pressurize the enemy team out of their zone.
  • Rosa or El Primo are useful defenders. Rosa's goal should be dodging and defending a zone while El Primo should focus on assisting teammates. Its crucial to not destroy the center wall cluster completely and if need be only destroy the bottom portion.
  • Carl has an advantage if the wall clusters stays up. Enemies that launch themselves will end up near large amounts of walls, and vice versa if Carl chooses to use the launch pads instead.
  • Brock's Gadget Rocket Laces can be useful in traversing across the center wall cluster. If no teammates are using the bushes next to the left zone's launch pad he can safely destroy them when the opportunity arises.
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