Brawl Stars Wiki

For the purposes of keeping the wiki's articles consistent and avoiding harmful practices outside of anything outlined in the Wiki Rules, this style guide will lay out some best practices for editors to follow when editing.

General Writing Style

  • Use the American English spelling for words with different English spellings.
  • Always capitalize the first letter of a sentence, and always capitalize proper nouns, like the names of Brawlers and the names of events.
  • Always end a sentence with a period regardless of context (even if something in-game does not, such as a Trait description). Phrases or dependent clauses do not need an end period. Question marks and exclamation marks are best avoided.
  • Never put two spaces together, and put a space before the first letter of a sentence (there are exceptions, including the first sentence of a page, header, bullet point, and list.)
  • Do not overuse commas, but do not sparingly use them either. Use them to separate similar clauses.
  • Use quotation marks to denote in-game text and to denote custom naming. Do not use them regularly. In this guide, quotes are used to identify example text and to denote custom naming.
  • Use 's to denote possessives, even if a proper noun ends with an s. The only exception is if the noun is plural and ends with an s ("allies' health") and if you are referring to multiple proper nouns ("enemy Mortis' bats").
  • A hyphen should be used to combine two words to form a temporary compound word ("close-ranged" and "high-damage"). For the previous examples, the conjoined words function as an adjective. Do not use hyphens to join words together to create a noun (except for "area-of-effect"), and do not use dashes in place of hyphens.
  • When listing multiple items, always use the serial (or Oxford) comma ("Colette, Edgar, and Griff" rather than "Colette, Edgar and Griff").
  • Use punctuation marks properly:
    • Commas are used to separate items in a list and most clauses ("With the dash, he can collect Bolts, Gems, and Power Cubes.") and to separate parenthetic expressions (though cases are rare). Do not substitute periods for commas.
    • Semi-colons are used to join two independent clauses without a conjunction ("In Showdown, do not use his Magic Puffs Star Power unless unavoidable; instead, use his Spirit Slap Star Power.") and to act as commas outside of commas ("For Max, her Run n' Gun Star Power; for Pam, her Mama's Hug Star Power; and for Edgar, his Fisticuffs Star Power.")
    • Colons are used to introduce lists ("like the following: heavyweights, assassins, etc."). In rare cases, they can be used in place of semi-colons.
  • Never start sentences with a coordination conjunction (but, and, or, nor, yet, so) except for for. Correlative conjunctions and subordinate conjunctions can start a sentence ("Both of these Star Powers will work.").
  • In the case of parentheses, put the period after the end of the last parenthesis (like this) if the clause inside the parentheses is a dependent clause. This applies to square brackets [here] and curly braces {here}.
  • Phrase consistency ("...that travel outwards, spin for two seconds, and return to him" instead of "travel outwards, spinning for two seconds, before returning" and plurality in "The amount of damage he deals is dependent on the range" rather than "The amount of damage he deals are dependent on the range" where the second example is wrong).
  • Do not use grandiloquent words or jargon that does not fit into the Brawl Stars Wiki.
  • Words to look out for:
    • "Utilize": "use" is better. Only use "utilize" for a general tactic, but very sparingly.
    • "Alright": "All right" is the correct form in most cases; "It's all right", "All right, I'll give you a hint", and "You all right?". "Alright" is the adjective/adverb form of "All right": "It was in an alright condition".
    • "Also": It's best to not use this word to start a sentence.
    • "Punish": It's a matter of choice when you play Brawl Stars; what you do and don't do in a match matter at all times. "Discourage" is a much better word.


  • When linking to articles inside the Brawl Stars Wiki using the source editor, use double square brackets [[here]] with the name of the article inside it instead of using external links. With the visual editor, you can highlight the phrase and click on the link icon in the editor to select a page article to link the phrase to.
    • When linking a phrase to a page article and the phrase is not equal to the name of the page article, use a vertical bar to divide the page article and the phrase [[page name|phrase]] without any spaces between the vertical bar.
  • Repeating links too often in articles can be overwhelming and unnecessary. Avoid linking to the same page more than once under the same level 2 (h2) header.

Brawl Stars Word Terminology, Style, and Anything Else Exclusive to This Wiki

  • Read the page and your edit out loud. This allows you to physically hear the flow of the section.
  • Do not use digit group separators (the commas seperating every 3 digits in a number with more than 3 digits).
  • Never put links inside quotes.
  • Use bold, italicized, underlined, or other letter/word formatting sparingly in paragraphs, and never use them to emphasize words in page articles.
  • Use hyphens when naming tile ranges ("2.33-tile radius").
  • Never use number listing. In the case of bullet points, only indent if the topic inside of it is relevant to the bullet point above it but cannot be merged without significantly lengthening it or is distinct enough.
  • When listing, always capitalize the first letter.
  • When adding date entries, always use 2 digits for one number (like "27/01/20") and use dd/mm/yy format for the dates.
  • When listing dimensions of obstacles, use -by- to indicate dimensions.
  • Some in-game terms must have their first letters capitalized, including (but not limited to):
    • Brawler, Trait, Super, Gadget, Star Power, Gears, Skins, Gems, Bolts, Power Cubes, Events, Star Points, Power Points, Coins, Trophies, Tokens, Experience
  • However, some concepts do not need to be capitalized, such as (but not limited to):
    • safe, mine (in Gem mine), map, attack, damage, movement speed (and movement speed labels), reload speed, assassin (and the names of other Classes except for when listing them in the History section), range, zone (in Hot Zone), tile, rarity
  • Do not refer to attacks or Supers by name ("Shelly's Super", never "Super Shell").
  • When stating attributes of abilities, use the Brawler's possessive pronoun ("You want to charge his Super" instead of "You want to charge your Super").
  • When naming out Gadgets and Star Powers, do:
    • State the name of the Gadget/Star Power, followed by the "identifier" (Gadget or Star Power), such as "Super Charged Star Power" or "Let's Fly Gadget"
  • and do not:
    • Say whether the Gadget or Star Power is the first or second one
    • Put the "identifier" before the name
    • Lowercase "Star Power", "Gadget", or the name
  • Exceptions include:
    • When listing a group of Star Powers and Gadgets, the "identifier" can be omitted after being stated once ("Both of her Star Powers are decent: Super Charged passively gives her Super without risking enemy fire, while Run n' Gun can slightly boost her damage consistency"). Remember to state the "identifier" again when switching the listing from Gadgets to Star Powers and vice versa ("Both of her Star Powers are decent: Super Charged passively gives her Super without risking enemy fire, while Run n' Gun can slightly boost her damage consistency. However, her Phase Shifter Gadget is preferred over Sneaky Sneakers.").
    • When listing Gadgets or Star Powers in the History section, it is not necessary to list the "identifier" if stated Star Power or Gadget receives a balance change.
  • Do not use the following terms in page articles:
    • "Kill"; use "defeat" for being killed by an enemy, "eliminate" for killing enemies, and "knocked out" or "taken out" in general (also a non-repetitive replacement for "defeat")
    • "Suicide" or "Kamikaze"; if a unit is defeated in the action of an attack, try to use as much phrasing and words as possible without saying these words
    • "HP"; "health" is preferred
    • "DPS"; "damage" is preferred
    • "Bushcamping"; mixed bag (and often too broad), but "ambush" may be a better term, or to retreat inside a bush
  • Ambiguity: simplify phrases as much as possible while keeping inside the guidelines. For example, "the Brawler Sandy" is redundant and "Sandy" is as good, if not better, than that.
  • Lastly, Max is female, Sandy is male, and Sprout is genderless.