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The Brawl Stars Championship is the official Esports competition for Brawl Stars, organized by Supercell. The Brawl Stars Championship is separated into four stages each having their own pre-existing rules and systems that must be obliged in order to the enter the next stages. 24 hour in-game challenges are conducted for 8 months starting at January with online qualifiers that happen the following week. Modes played during the Championship consist of Siege, Bounty, Gem Grab, Heist, and Brawl Ball with pre-selected modes and map chosen for matches.


Stage 1: In-Game Challenge

Challenge Rewards
Wins Awarded
1300 Star Points
2300 Star Points
3400 Star Points
4300 Star Points
5300 Star Points
6500 Star Points
7300 Star Points
8300 Star Points
9600 Star Points
10300 Star Points
11300 Star Points
12800 Star Points
13300 Star Points
14300 Star Points
151000 Star Points
Total6300 Star Points
  • The in-game event only lasts 24 hours, and if one loses 4 times, they are eliminated and unable to continue until the next event.
  • You must have 800 trophies or more to play the championship.
  • There can not be multiple of the same Brawler in the same team of any Championship game.
  • You can use one Star Power of your choice and Gadget during this event even if you do not own them, just like a friendly game. You cannot use Brawlers that you have not unlocked yet.
  • There are some offers in the shop for Star Points. They can only appeared and purchased once per a challenge.
    • Big Box = 500 Star Points
    • Mega Box = 1500 Star Points
    • 2 Mega Boxes = 3000 Star Points
  • Players that complete the challenge while not losing more than four matches are able to compete in the monthly online qualifiers.

Stage 2: Online Qualifiers

  • At this stage you will have to find at least 2 other players that have completed the 15-win challenge in under four losses to play with you in a team against other teams.
  • Games are played in a single elimination bracket with the top teams able to advance to the monthly finals. Points are gained based on the results of these sets.
  • Both teams are able to ban a Brawler for every match. Banning a Brawler bans them from both sides.

Stage 3: Monthly Finals

  • The 8 best teams from around the world will be invited to appear in person at the Monthly Finals with cash prizes for all participants - Brawl Stars will pay for the travel and accommodation.
  • Both teams ban a Brawler blindly for every match. Banning a Brawler bans them from both sides. If the same Brawler is banned on both teams only one Brawler is banned for that match.
  • Two matches are made in a specific mode and map. If both teams win a match a third match is conducted. These matches are organized into sets of which three sets need to be won in order for a team to move into the next round. Points are gained based on the results of these sets.

Stage 4: World Finals

  • Win enough points at the Online Qualifiers and Monthly Finals to qualify for the Brawl Stars World Finals in November 2020, for a large chunk of the over $1,000,000 prize pool!
  • The 8 best teams from their regional ranking tables will move onto the World Finals:
    • Europe & MEA (Middle East and Africa) - 3 Teams
    • APAC & JP (Asia Pacific and Japan) - 2 Teams
    • Mainland China - 1 Team
    • NA & LATAM N (North America and Northern Latin America) - 1 Team
    • LATAM S (Southern Latin America) - 1 Team
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