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The Brawl Stars Championship is the official Esports competition for Brawl Stars, organized by Supercell.


Stage 1: In-Game Challenge

Challenge Rewards
Wins Awarded
110 Star Tokens
210 Star Tokens
3100 Star Points
410 Star Tokens
510 Star Tokens
6200 Star Points
710 Star Tokens
810 Star Tokens
9300 Star Points
1010 Star Tokens
1110 Star Tokens
12400 Star Points
1310 Star Tokens
1410 Star Tokens
15500 Star Points
  • The in-game event only lasts 24 hours, and if one loses 4 times, they are eliminated and unable to continue until the next event.
  • There can not be multiple of the same Brawler in the same team of any Championship game.
  • You can use one Star Power of your choice and Gadget during this event even if you do not own them, just like a friendly game.
  • You cannot use Brawlers that you have not unlocked yet.
  • If you complete the event, you get to compete in a monthly online qualifier.
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