"Take the ball to the opposing team's goal to score! Match ends when one team scores two goals, or at full time."
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In the Brawl Ball Event, there are two teams, each of which consists of three players. The objective is to take the ball (which starts in the middle) to the opposite team's goal, which is on the other side of the field. The team that scores two goals first wins, but a team can also win by having scored a higher amount of goals than the other when the timer ends. If the timer ends while the teams are tied, the game will go into overtime (sudden death) for 1 minute and all obstacles will be destroyed. If it is still a tie at the end of overtime, the game ends in a draw. Brawlers can obtain the ball by getting close enough to it while no other Brawler has it. Attacking with the ball kicks it and uses up an ammo bar (unless the Brawler has only one ammo bar, like Carl, Bea, or Amber). Activating your Super with the ball makes it go further, but uses up the Super. Auto-aiming an attack or Super with the ball will kick the ball towards the exact center of the enemy goal. Gadgets cannot be used if you are holding the ball. If the ball carrier is stunned, knocked back, or defeated, they will drop the ball.

Useful Brawlers

Bull: Bull has a high amount of health, and can withstand considerable amounts of damage. He also deals a lot of damage, which is good against other high-health brawlers. Using his Super (and Stomper), Bull can traverse the map quickly and break key walls. He can also self-pass by either kicking the ball near an indestructible wall and kicking the ball, charge towards the ball, then stopping when he reaches the ball by using Stomper.
Poco: Poco has medium health with a long-range, wide attack. Since that attack can pass through enemies he can charge a Super easily. His Super is very important as you will need to heal teammates (and yourself) to score a goal. His Da Capo! Star Power can also be useful to heal teammates. Poco should help with fending off defenders when your teammate is about to score.
Gale: Gale has moderate health and deals moderate damage. With his Super, he can push opponents away from the ball. With his Blustery Blow Star Power, he can push a few opponents away from the ball into a wall, allowing him or teammates to take the ball and score.
Frank: Frank has the most health in the game. He can run to the goal and throw/carry the ball into the goal while taking some fire due to his high health. He can destroy obstacles in a large area using his Super, and can also stun enemies for a long duration and give his team enough time to score (when enemies are stunned, you can kick the ball through them). Additionally, his regular attack is quite effective since he can do area damage and Brawlers tend to group up. His Super charges very quickly, allowing you to Super kick the ball very frequently.
El Primo: El Primo has the 2nd most health in the game. Since he's a tank, he can run up to the goal and throw/carry the ball into the goal while taking some fire. El Primo can also deal severe and consistent damage to Brawlers carrying the ball. In addition, his Super can destroy obstacles and steal the ball from opponents, so he can create openings to the enemy goal, and can also self-pass using it. Both Gadgets help El Primo; Suplex Supplement can remove defenders from their goal, or stop approaching enemies from walking the ball to your own goal, while Asteroid Belt can inevitably destroy enemy walls if there are any opponents near the walls and El Primo reaches them.
Tara: When Tara uses her Super to drag enemies, not only will they all get bunched up and allow her and her teammates to defeat the enemies, but they'll also drop the ball. Once the enemy team is bunched up take advantage to score and defend. This makes Tara useful both on offense and defense.
Spike: Spike has high damage; even if his attack misses, the burst of spikes can still damage enemies. In addition, his Super can slow down enemies, making him effective on defense. Be wary though, as you have to watch out for his low health. Spike acts as a tank counter, a similar role to Shelly, another commonly played Brawler. Spike's high utility Super and range outmatches them in most aspects however.
Darryl: Darryl is useful due to his quickly-recharging Super. You can throw the ball in front of Darryl and then use his Super to roll toward the ball, moving a long distance and collecting the ball again. Darryl can also use his Super to make enemies drop the ball. Due to his fairly high health and with his Steel Hoops, he can throw/carry the ball into the goal while taking some fire.
Rosa: Rosa can activate her Super and run into the goal. With her damage-reducing shield, she can withstand most of the enemy attacks while keeping control of the ball. Keep in mind Rosa's shield will not make her immune to stuns, slows, pulls, or knockback.
Carl and Bea: Both can kick the ball without using any ammo, and Carl’s Super can be used to re-position himself to help the team score a goal or deal area damage (works well with Tara's Super) while Bea’s Super can be used to secure a goal or prevent opponents from scoring. Carl's Flying Hook Gadget can also be used to self pass by activating the Gadget, kicking the ball, and throwing his pickaxe after the ball.
Bibi: Bibi is useful in defending your goal due to her home run bat being able to knock back the ball carrier, forcing them to drop the ball. She is also useful in offense with her fast movement speed and high health. Both Star Powers help Bibi, Home Run can make Bibi run faster and score a potential goal. While Batting Stance allows her to absorb more damage, and have a higher chance of walking the ball in.
Emz: Emz is very useful as a control Brawler. Her main attack can block off enemy routes, and her super can slow enemies, preventing them from advancing. Emz's first Star Power Bad Karma allows her to deal massive amounts of damage, taking out most of the low and medium-health Brawlers. The Hype Star Power can heal Emz when using her Super, allowing her to survive longer and sometimes walk the ball into the goal. Additionally, Emz's Gadget Friendzoner can push enemy Brawlers away, knocking the ball out of their possession.
Jacky: Jacky is a great aggressive Brawler for this mode, being able to pressure enemies with her high health and damage output, defend with her Super, and hit enemies behind goal barriers which forces enemies to retreat to their spawn. Jacky's second Star Power, Hardy Hard Hat, allows her to tank more damage and walk in the goal with ease. Additionally, Jacky's Pneumatic Booster Gadget can be used to make quick scores early in the match and pressure long-ranged Brawlers which would otherwise counter her.
Gene: Gene has multiple abilities (his Gadget and Super) that make enemies drop the ball. His Super can be used offensively to pull a Brawler away from the goal that could be causing trouble for your team, and his Gadget allows him to momentarily disarm the ball behind walls. His high damage output combined with his burst potential also allows him to save some goals with damage alone.


  • Brawlers that have a Super that can destroy obstacles (such as Shelly, Colt, and El Primo) are really helpful for offense. They can clear the path and allow the team to kick to the goal without having to go around the boxes. However, be careful if you use one as you can end up destroying the obstacles on your side which would help the enemies.
  • Brawlers whose Super or main attack can knock back or stun an enemy (such as Shelly, Dynamike, and Bull) can be helpful on defense since it will cause the enemy Brawler to lose possession of the ball.
  • Since you cannot attack while you have the ball, one valid strategy is to pass the ball to an enemy to make them unable to attack and start damaging them. However, don't try this strategy if the enemy you're aiming for is near your team's goal: they could kick the ball to it since they are close.
  • If you notice the yellow dotted ring around an enemy, such as El Primo or Bull, chances are that they're trying to knock the ball out of your possession with their Super. If you see the yellow ring, pass the ball to a teammate, or alternatively, pass the ball to the enemy to try to make them waste their Super.
  • There are some Brawlers that can travel with their Super such as Crow, El Primo and Darryl. Their Super can be used at desperate times to catch a speeding ball if correctly timed and positioned.
  • Unlike regular attacks which come from the center of a Brawler's hitbox, the ball is passed from the edge of a Brawler's hitbox, meaning that when two or more Brawlers' hitboxes overlap with the ball carrier, the ball can be passed through them. For this reason, it is never necessary to walk the ball in. If you get close enough to the goal, you can just kick it through all the defenders and score.


  • On 4/9/17, the Brawl Ball event was added to the game.
  • On 7/12/17, fixed bugs where charging/jumping enemies could carry the ball while jumping, and turret and healing station blocked the ball. It is also now easier to pick up the ball on your own goal line. More Star Player points awarded for scoring a goal.
  • On 18/12/17, fixed an issue where Darryl didn't get destroyed during roll after goal was scored.
  • On 5/12/18, the Brawl Ball maps are now 4 tiles wider. The players now spawn behind the goal.
  • On 29/1/19, the Brawlers now spawn inside the goal. Kicking the ball without Super now consumes ammo.
  • On 6/2/19, the respawn time was increased to 7 seconds (from 5 seconds).
  • On 15/4/19, fixed an issue that caused the ball to bounce from walls that were destroyed while the ball was moving after a kick. Own goal is attributed to the last player from the opposing team to touch the ball. When Penny's Star Powered mortar explodes after a goal it no longer shoots out cannonballs.
  • On 11/6/19, fixed a bug that caused the ball to bounce from walls that were destroyed just before the ball hits them.
  • On 29/8/19, pets (Turrets, Nita's bear etc.) can now see enemy Brawlers inside bushes if the Brawler is carrying the ball.
  • On 23/10/19, fixed a bug that caused turrets to shoot strangely when the turret's target had the ball and was hiding in bushes.
  • On 17/3/20, the ground effects such as Barley's Super no longer deal damage after a goal is scored (the visual effect still remains).
  • On 23/10/20, the goals were given invisible walls that prevent players from scoring in their own goal.
  • On 29/10/20, an issue was fixed where a goal would be scored if no one had touched the ball.
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