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Boxing Day is a community map for use in the Brawl Ball event.


The map has two "squares" of bushes on the left and right sides. There is also a wall blocking the goal from direct shots, however, there is an area that is unblocked, allowing teams to score. There are also small 2x3 obstacles in the middle of the map. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Sandy is good for checking the square shaped bushes, or quickly bursting down squishier Brawlers. His Rude Sands Star Power can help him do this. His alternative Star Power, Healing Winds, can allow his team to survive longer, sometimes even helping his team win the game.
  • Amber is an excellent choice for rushing straight for the ball. Her Fire Starters Gadget gives her a boost to do so, as well as burning down the heavy bushes in the lanes.
  • Bibi is great as defense and offense, as she can knock the Brawl Ball out of enemy hands, or use her bubble in the confined goal areas to deal massive damage.
  • Checking the lanes is a good role for Nita. She has average range, and her bear can stun enemies using her Bear Paws Gadget, making it harder to escape with the ball. She can also run to the middle to grab the ball due to her above average health.
  • Tara can be quite useful on this map due to the number of bushes to ambush enemies. She can also use her Psychic Enhancer Gadget to scout for enemies. Her Super can break the walls in front of a goal, allowing an opportunity for teammates or herself to score.


  • On 27/01/21, Boxing Day was added to the game.
  • On 16/06/21, Boxing Day was removed from the game.