Brawl Stars Wiki
"Collect Stars for your team by defeating players on the enemy team. Every time you defeat an enemy, the bounty on your head increases by one Star, up to seven Stars. Don't give them to the enemy!
The team that has more Stars when the clock runs out wins. In the case of a tie, the team holding the blue star wins."

In the Bounty Event, there are two teams consisting of three players each. The objective of Bounty is to gain 20 stars during the 2 minute timer. Every player starts with a 2-star bounty which is displayed above the Brawler's head. When a Brawler is defeated, their bounty gets added to the score of the team of the Brawler that defeated them and that Brawler's bounty increases by 1 star (up to 7 stars). When a Brawler is defeated, their bounty is reset to 2 stars. If no team gets 20 stars within the 2 minutes, the team with the most stars will win. Unlike other 3v3 events, there’s a 3-second respawn timer, unlike the usual 5-second respawn timer.

There is a blue star in the middle of every Bounty map to serve as a tiebreaker. Whichever team collects it first gets 1 star. The person who collected the star will not have their Bounty increased. A blue star icon will show next to the count of the team's stars, signaling that they have the blue star. Defeating a Brawler with the blue star will give the blue star to the other team and will add the Brawler's bounty. If each team has the same amount of stars when the timer stops, whichever team has the blue star wins the match. Still, if the blue star has not been picked up for the duration of the game, it ends in a draw.

Useful Brawlers[]

Shelly: Shelly can easily eliminate enemies with her attack and super at point-blank range, so she's great in maps with a lot of bushes like Snake Prairie. When attacking long-ranged enemies, use her Clay Pigeons gadget, which increases her range and decreases the spread of her attack. Shelly is incredible against assassins and tanks, since they usually have to get in range in order to deal sufficient damage, and at point-blank range, Shelly can deal 3000 damage with her main attack and 7800 damage with her super and hypercharge.
Brock: Brock's powerful long-ranged attack coupled with its large explosion radius allows him to quickly and easily defeat enemies from a distance without frequently coming under fire. His Super is useful for destroying bushes on maps like Snake Prairie to prevent enemies from crossing without detection. He can also use his Super to break walls that enemies are hiding behind.
Piper: Piper can deal significant damage at a long range while her bullets move much faster than Brock's. She can use her Super to get out of range and escape from close-ranged enemies, staying safe while dealing melee damage to them, or to break open walls that enemies can hide behind or retreat to. In maps with bushes, she can use her Ambush Star Power to force enemies to retreat. Her Auto Aimer Gadget can be used to distance herself from enemy assassins or ambushers, or to help finish off enemies.
Byron: Byron has one of the longest-ranged attacks in the game, with the same range as Piper and Brock. His ability to heal his teammates and damage enemies, paired with his long range, fast projectile speed, and wide projectile width, makes him perfect for this mode. With these mechanics, he is able to keep his teammates alive while chipping down the opponent team, not to mention that his main attack is easier to hit than Piper's, deals a decent amount of damage, and has a relatively fast reload speed than that of other long-ranged Brawlers. In addition, his Super can be thrown over walls to not only tremendously heal teammates and damage enemies that are behind cover, but also counter throwers. His Shot in the Arm Gadget can help keep himself alive while his Malaise Star Power can be used to reduce enemy healing to keep them back for a longer time. In addition, his Injection Star Power can be used to hit multiple targets with his attack and heal teammates at the same time, saving ammo.
Mortis: As an assassin, Mortis makes an excellent counterpick in Bounty. Though he lacks range, his high mobility and higher health means he does very well against the sharpshooters and throwers/pseudo-throwers that are common in this mode. A skilled Mortis can pressure the enemy team into the back of the map, making it easier for him and his teammates to deal with them. However, Mortis must be wary of defensive abilities that most of the above Brawlers have as those abilities can easily counter him (i.e. the Supers of Colt, Rico, Piper, and Tick).
Stu: Stu's fast unload speed coupled with his one-hit Super charge rate make him a deadly and hard to hit asset in Bounty. His Speed Zone Gadget boosts his and his allies' speed permanently as long as the turret is alive and can also be used at the team’s spawn point to help defeated allies get back into action, and his Star Powers boost his survivability and damage potential. His first Star Power, Zero Drag, increases his Super’s range, making him extremely difficult to hit when he’s dashing around. His Gaso-Heal Star Power allows him to stay alive as he dashes around and attacks the enemy. His Breakthrough Gadget
Bo: Bo has a lot of utility with his attack, being able to strafe left/right to make his arrows fly straight or spread out, though his shots are narrow so it’s more useful to walk in a strafing motion while fighting. His Circling Eagle Star Power also increases vision in bushes, which is useful in maps like Snake Prairie. Bo's Super can be used to control a huge area, detect enemy Brawlers in bushes, break walls, deal damage, or force back enemy Brawlers. His Snare a Bear Star Power can immobilize enemies, giving your team a chance to attack and defeat.
Rico: Rico can bounce his shots, which allows him to check bushes and deal damage to enemies behind obstacles. His Super deals high burst damage, allowing quick defeats. His Robo Retreat Star Power can help him escape or flank better, while in walled maps, Rico can use his Super Bouncy Star Power to quickly eliminate opponents.
Penny: Penny can use her Super to force enemies to continue moving around the map, leaving them vulnerable, as it also briefly sets the ground on fire. In addition, if enemies group up, she can easily defeat enemy them with her high splash damage, especially if she has her Heavy Coffers Star Power equipped, as it also spreads her attack wider. Her Salty Barrel Gadget is incredible against tanks and assassins because it can deal high damage if she is close to enemies, and her Master Blaster Star Power can be used to make her Super knock back and deal damage to them when deployed.
Poco: Poco can act as a support to heal teammates as they push in towards the enemy. Having among one of the highest amounts of health of the common Bounty Brawlers, he can sponge quite a lot of damage, becoming a tank once his heal is ready. His attacks can stack to deal quite a lot of damage, and charge his Super very quickly, if he's hitting multiple enemies as many commonly-chosen Brawlers in Bounty do not have as much health. With his Super, he can potentially be used as an aggressive front-line attacker when his Screeching Solo Star Power is equipped. Since it is almost impossible to miss a Poco shot, more focus can be applied on strafing and getting closer to the enemies. He is also a great option on Snake Prairie, as he's able to check bushes better than most other Brawlers, and to give the campers a boost. His Da Capo! Star Power can also help melee Brawlers like Rosa and Shelly to stay in the fight.
Tick: Tick's mines can cover a lot of ground, making them useful for area denial. Tick can defend himself from incoming assassins with his Last Hurrah Gadget. His Super creates an immediate threat for Tick counters such as Mortis or close-ranged Brawlers and is also capable of opening up the map, destroying enemy cover and assisting long-ranged allies. Tick's Well Oiled Star Power allows him to continue being on the front line without worrying about needing to fall back constantly, while his Automa-Tick Reload Star Power allows for more area control as he doesn't need to retreat to reload as much. With his Mine Mania gadget, he can block of paths to let friendly brawlers kill the enemy. It can also Stop short rangers from aproaching to him.
Mr. P: Mr. P can provide a lot of value once he gets his Super, since it will spawn infinite amount of porters until the home base is destroyed, which will force enemies to use their attacks on them, especially when he has his Revolving Door Star Power where the porters gain extra health and damage, forcing enemies to waste more ammo destroying them. He also has good range, which allows him to attack enemies safely at a distance. His range will become very lethal to enemy Brawlers when he has the Handle With Care Star Power, as this increases the damage of the suitcase.
Sprout: Sprout's long range allows it to cover a lot of ground behind a wall much like Tick. Sprout's Super can be used to defend itself and its other teammates by blocking enemies path, giving time for them to heal up while Sprout can still attack them safely. Sometimes you can secure defense by blocking one narrow path, and when it is about to be destroyed, use your gadget and place it again.
Belle: Belle has one of the longest range in the game so she can consistently hit targets from across the map. Her attack is extremely effective in chokepoints and discourages clumping. Her Super can be used to target valuable enemies, making them more vulnerable. Her Nest Egg Gadget can block viable entrances for the enemy and make them easy to defeat, and her Positive Feedback Star Power allows her to survive longer by hitting shots consistently and conserving ammo. Belle does best on maps such as Dry Season, Shooting Star and Layer Cake.
Nani: Nani has a very long range, and her orbs converge towards aimed targets. Her orbs can deal massive damage if all 3 of them hit the opponent. Her Super can be used to eliminate enemies from such a range that other long-ranged Brawlers’ attacks can’t reach you, and coupled with her Autofocus Star Power, it can deal extreme damage, if not immediately defeating enemies. Her Return To Sender Gadget can also allow her to tank a high-damaging projectile that will deflect back to the enemy, possibly eliminating them.
Ruffs: Ruffs isn't very strong by himself, but he has some of the best synergies with many popular Brawlers in Bounty such as Piper and Tick because his Super and Field Promotion Star Power can greatly increasing their survivability while allowing them deal even more damage than normal. He can also use his Take Cover Gadget to help him temporarily shield against enemy fire, which also allows him to use his bounce shots more effectively to cover choke points.
Rosa: Rosa is very useful, especially maps with a lot of bushes like Snake Prairie. Her Super can tank damage from enemy Brawlers. Her Gadget, Unfriendly Bushes, can slow down enemy brawlers, helping teammates finish them off. Since Rosa has a lot of health, she can easily collect the blue star in the middle.
Eve: Eve is one of the strongest spawners in the game. With her high damage output, Eve can kill low-medium health Brawlers easily, while her ability to move on water allows her to escape short-range brawlers like Mortis or Edgar. Her Super, Baby Boom, will add extra pressure to the opponents since they have to either absorb the damage or defeat the hatchlings. With her Gotta Go!, Eve can go over the walls to escape ambushes by tank Brawlers like El Primo or Rosa. Her Gadget can also be used to dodge dangerous attacks like Tick's head or Shelly's Super if timed correctly. Her second Gadget, Motherly Love, causes Eve's hatchlings to heal her and her teammates, which can be very helpful if she or her teammates are low on health and don't have a healer. Her first Star Power, Unnatural Order, will cause Eve to shoot the big egg from her attack combo first and deal high damage even if she misses the secondary shots. Eve is especially useful on maps with lots of water regions as she can float over them and deal damage while evading mid-range to melee Brawlers effectively.
Buzz: Buzz is amazing at choosing one target and obliterating them. He can use his Super stun an enemy or even a group of people and stun them. And his Gadget allows him to escape if he starts to get low. He is kind of bulky and can deal lots of burst damage to most characters. While playing Buzz, you do have to avoid brawlers that can escape the stun, such as Janet's and Piper' s Supers, as well as most flying abilities and Gadgets. He also has enough health to get the blue star, withstand enemy fire, and retreat early on in the game.
Gene: Gene's Super can be used to take an enemy out the fight, making it easier for your team and leaving the enemies at a 2v3 situation. His Super should especially be used on the enemy with the most stars, which can potentially change the fate of the match. His Magic Puffs Star Power is essential for this mode as Gene's teammates will likely be injured from trying to get kills, and Gene can then heal his teammates, especially the one with the most stars. This Star Power can render Gene as a substitute healer if there are none on his team.
Janet: Janet has a very good range and a good amount of health. She can fly away with her Super with all the stars or use her Backstage Pass Gadget paired with her Vocal Warm-Ups Star Power to make a quick escape. Her Drop The Bass Gadget is great at checking bushes and chipping away at enemies, but since its health is low, she should place it behind walls or near hard-to-reach areas so that it doesn't get taken out immediately.
Bonnie: In her cannon form, Bonnie can pressure enemies due to her long attack range and high health. In her alternate form, Bonnie can pick off enemy Brawlers with her high burst damage. But since she has a short range in her alternate form, her Super with her Black Powder Star Power allows her to get close to enemies. Her Sugar Rush Gadget momentarily increases Bonnie's movement and reload speed when inside her cannon form, and her Black Powder Star Power increases her cannon form's Super range.
Mandy: Mandy has a very long range attack that deals high damage. She can charge her Focus bar by standing still, and charging it increases her attack's already long range. For her Super, she sends out a large ray that passes through enemies and walls, and if hit, it is capable to wipe out medium-to-lower-health Brawlers immediately, due its massive damage. Her Caramelize Gadget allows her next attack to slow down an enemy, and her In My Sights Star Power increases her attack projectile's speed significantly when her Focus bar is charged. However, don't stay in Focused for too long, though, as it will leave you vulnerable to assassins.
Lola: Lola has a very decent range and damage for a damage dealer and has range comparable to other marksmen and spread like Pam's. She can reach out the marksmen with her Super as this allows to double the range of her normal attack. Additionally, she can swap places with her Ego using the Stunt Double Gadget to get the kill or escape from the threat, such as assassins, as well as using the Freeze Frame Gadget to reposition the Ego or tank the shots. With the Sealed With a Kiss Star Power equipped, her Ego could also take a role of the support while Lola is attacking, allowing her teammates to continue attacking while being healed.


  • The middle star that appears at the beginning of the game does not add to your bounty, but it gives your team one star and gives you an upper edge if tied, so it is a useful pickup when the game starts. Be cautious as the other team often rushes the middle as well and can easily defeat you if you aren't careful. However, if your Brawler can do area-of-effect damage, take advantage of this when the enemy Brawlers group up.
  • In this Event, you are trying to defeat enemies as much as possible but being knocked out often can really hurt your team's chance at victory, so focus on outputting as much damage as possible while staying alive. Retreat when your health becomes low to regenerate and stay alive. Never attack while you're low on health and there are no accessible healers in your team unless you're sure of your team's victory or your own prowess.
  • If you end up with a high bounty, do not be reckless. Putting yourself at risk could allow the other team to defeat you and quickly gain the upper hand. If your team is losing, going after the opponent with the highest bounty can possibly lead to victory, but if you are winning, falling back and playing defense will be the better option.
  • If you are in a 1v1 situation, try to fire a bit after they fire, this will give your team a one star advantage unless the enemy Brawler has already reached a 7-star-bounty.
  • If you spot an easily accessible enemy, it may be helpful to rush in, defeat the target and quickly retreat. However, be careful in maps with bushes as the enemy might set this as a trap to sneak in and defeat you the moment you reach the other side.
  • Before engaging in battle, make sure you have accessible cover. Dying in Bounty is detrimental to the outcome of the match, so it is most important to safely kill enemies.


  • On 04/09/17, players now spawn with 2 stars instead of 1 star, and the center star doesn't raise the holder's bounty.
  • On 18/12/17, Star Player is now less likely to be awarded to players who lost many stars.
  • On 05/12/18, the Bounty maps are now 4 tiles wider.
  • On 29/01/19, the timer length was reduced to 2 minutes (from 2 minutes and 30 seconds).
  • On 23/10/19, fixed a bug where the player did not get their bounty increased in Bounty if the turret exploded while the projectile was mid-air (such as Penny's mortar).
  • On 15/12/20, a blue star replaced the old yellow star to determine a tie-breaker.
  • On 25/04/23, Bounty was reworked. Now the first team to get 20 stars will win.
  • On 05/09/23, Bounty was removed from the normal map rotation and Power League, and became a special event. However, it can still be played in Friendly Battles and Map Maker.
  • On 24/10/23, Bounty was added back to the Power League rotation.