Bouncing Diner (originally called Bouncing Echo) is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The center has a narrow land strait where the launch pads launch Brawlers to the sides. The sides are walled off with a large opening consisting of only a launch pad inside of it. The side launch pads similarly to the center ones, launch Brawlers to the center of the map.


  • This map is good for Piper, Bea and Emz as it provides large amounts of open space for attack. It's recommended to use the side bushes and shoot from there. For Emz, control the middle with your attack and Super.
  • Throwers aren't as good here due to the open space, but can still prevent enemies from camping within the center. Still, if a thrower wishes to play they should play in the sides and attempt to stop enemy Brawlers from pushing from there.
  • Melee-centered Brawlers need to use some type of shelter to prevent themselves from getting shot. They are to use the launch pads from getting to the center and out of it. Walking out of the center directly requires constant dodging of incoming attacks.
  • Nita's Super can be a good diversion when grabbing gems from slow-reloading sharpshooters. If Nita wishes to launch Bruce from one side to the opposite side she must launch Bruce in a launch pad in the the center of the map.
  • Jessie with her Super can completely control the center of this map. Her only counters are long-ranged Brawlers or Brawlers with piercing capabilities such as Penny. If she would like to get more value out of Scrappy she should use her first Star Power Energize to heal Scrappy while still being able to attack.
  • Poco can take serious amounts of punishment as a gem carrier, however teammates should aim to bait Brawlers to him so that he can charger his Super faster.
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